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Teen Mom Posts Her Home Water Birth Experience Vlog to Youtube

by | May 10, 2019

YouTuber and social media influencer Alex Cloutier (DearGreyson) posted to YouTube a video of her intimate home water birth experience in a 12-minute long vlog-style video. The teen mom gave birth to her second son on April 28, 2019, with the help of a midwife, a bathtub, and a lot of meditative breathing. Keep reading to learn more about this birth video posted to social media.

home water birth
Credit: DearGreyson/ Instagram

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Teen Mom Posts Her Home Water Birth Experience Vlog to Youtube

Social media influencer Alex Cloutier posted an up-close and personal home birthing video to her channel DearGreyson with 307K subscribers where she shares her experience giving birth to her second son, August Renly Cloutier, whose name she revealed in a second video posted after her birthing vlog. Her first son, Greyson James Cloutier, was birthed in a hospital back in March 2017.

In one photo she had posted to Instagram of her new bundle of joy, she said, “I am so amazed by you baby boy. We did it together. Born on April 28th at 10:52 AM weighing a whomping 8.8 pounds 21 inches and completely healthy… my heart has doubled in size already and I am just in complete awe. I can’t wait to share our birth experience with all of you guys!”

Screenshot of video
Credit: DearGreyson/ YouTube

Working alongside a midwife, Cloutier successfully was able to give birth at home like a total badass, inspiring her dedicated followers on social media. Although moments are disabled on the Youtube video there has been an influx of love, support, and encouragement from women everywhere on her Instagram where she has been posting photos about her pregnancy, mom life, and now, her home water birth experience.

Following the birth, she posted an empowering and beautiful photo to Instagram (see below) of her caressing her newborn baby in the same tub where she had just given birth with her midwife presenting her placenta. According to Cloutier’s replies to followers on Instagram, her midwife will be encapsulating it for her to take.

This is birth. Raw. Real. Unapologetic. #linkinbio

Caption of below photo posted to Instagram
Credit: Alex Cloutier/ Instagram
Credit: DearGreyson/ Instagram

There is nothing but endearing comments seen on this photo. One follower comments, “Thank you for normalizing home birth!!!”, and another follower said, “ truly don’t think I’ve ever seen such beautiful labor shared. You were brilliant, you are such a warrior! I’m in tears!”

Have you ever given birth naturally at home? How do you feel about this home water birth video being shared vlog-style to YouTube? Let me know in the comments below.

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