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Terrified Pig Forced To Bungee Jump In Amusement Park Animal Cruelty

by | January 21, 2020

An amusement park in China has been heavily criticised after forcing a terrified pig to bungee jump.

Bosses at the Meixin Red Wine Town amusement park recently used the pig to advertise its new 223-foot drop attraction.

The screaming animal was tied-up and taken to the top of the bungee jump where he was forced to wear a cape. Amusement park workers then secured him into the harness and threw him off the platform.

After sharing the video online as a PR stunt, outraged viewers voiced their concerns at the use of the pig — who was later taken to a slaughterhouse.

“Pain And Fear”

The amusement park has issued an apology for the stunt, but says it was an “experiment” and not animal cruelty.

PETA has heavily condemned the actions of the park, saying “pigs experience pain and fear, just as we do, and this kind of disgusting PR stunt should be illegal.”

“A bungee jump is a scary experience even for consenting humans – just imagine the outright terror of being forcibly strung up by your legs and thrown from a high platform.”

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Research has shown pigs to be highly intelligent animals who feel pain and fear (Photo: chadin0/Shutterstock.com)

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Animal Cruelty In China

Wendy Higgins, a spokesperson for Humane Society International, has explained that “this kind of exploitation is not uncommon in China.”

Higgins states this behaviour is “symptomatic of a system that provides no legal protection for animals and no legal incentive to respect them as sentient beings and consider their welfare or feelings.”

Do you think more should be done to prevent animal cruelty in China? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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