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The Spring Crunch Salad (Recipe)

by | March 22, 2019

Salads are great fillers at the same time they ensure something healthy is getting in. They are the best way to start a guilt-free meal, and what’s more, you will be replenished with all the vital nutrients that your body needs from time to time. The greener your salad, the more nutritious it is. I try a lot of salads at home and I generally avoid bottled dressings. Research done on the calorific value of different salads has concluded that salads are not always low in calorie. It may be a hidden source of saturated fats.


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Yes, you heard that Right!

Some dressings actually shoot up your seemingly healthy salad’s calorific value. So be mindful of what’s getting in. It can do some harm if you are used to eating the salad in the wrong way. Research says salads with green leafy veggies are some of the healthiest food available. They help combat a lot of health issues. Like this spring crunch salad that does not give a dam to any bottled dressings yet taste great.

Tips to a great salad

•    Salads with more greens are healthier

•    Add quinoa or soaked oats to make your salads heavier

•    Limit the use of fatty raw ingredients like excessive oil or nuts

•    Avoid artificial Flavors in your salad

This Recipe

Spring is the season of colors. There is an ancient belief backed by science that consuming five coloured veggies every day will keep the vital organs functioning smoothly. Thus, this version of the recipe will use a five-color ingredient along with low-calorie dressing.

Ingredients you’ll need for this salad:

Shredded carrot– 1 cup

Shredded Napa cabbage– 1 cup

Bite-sized red and yellow bell pepper– 1 cup

Shredded lettuce– ½ cup

Shredded cucumber– 1 cup

Steamed Bok Choy– ½ cup if available

For the Dressing

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Sesame oil– 2 teaspoons

Organic vinegar– 2 teaspoons

Lemon juice– 2 teaspoons

Chili flakes– 2 pinches

Salt to taste

Brown sugar to balance the sour

Roasted Sesame seeds– For garnish


Assemble the colorful veggies and keep aside. For the vinaigrette, stir up all the dressing ingredients. Now mix everything (all that you’ve got). This salad should be taken immediately after adding the dressing to retain the colors. Also keeping it for too long will make the ingredients soggy and rob the salad of its crunch.

The sesame oil infused with lemon gives the salad a zing. The nutty undertones with the fresh veggies and leaves will immediately make your taste buds alive. This salad is a beautiful appetizer cum filler. Serve it in your brunch party to win the hearts of your guests. You will also love it, I am sure. You can add many other crunchy veggies according to the availability. Salads are like a canvas; possibilities are endless.

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