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The Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In Sydney Australia That You Must Try Out!

by | December 17, 2018

As winter is quickly approaching in the northern hemisphere and you want to go somewhere warm and different to get away from the cold, why not consider going to Sydney, Australia to enjoy the summer heat? We’ve also complied a list of great vegan restaurants in Sydney. 

Sydney is a gorgeous city with so many tourist attractions such as the Opera House, the harbor bridge, and Bondi Beach.

Additionally, there are fantastic vegan restaurants that are in the heart of the city of Sydney. Let’s take a look at the top 5 right now that you will absolutely be glad to have tried out:

1. Peace Harmony

This vegan restaurant features Asian dishes, mostly Thai such as the cashew nut dish, the Penang curry dinner, and their delicious vegan satay skewer dish. The price is perfect as it is quite inexpensive, and restaurant staff is also receptive and very friendly. Peace Harmony is also small which adds to its cozy, peaceful, and intimate atmosphere that people are guaranteed to enjoy!

2. Bodhi Restaurant

The Bodhi Restaurant is another highly popular vegan restaurant in Sydney Australia that people absolutely have raved about. The restaurant features vegan Asian dishes such as the glass noodle spring rolls appetizer, as well as the pan seared stuffed sweet potato slice, and the pan-fried Chinese cabbage dumplings. Their scrumptious vegan dinner dishes include the stir-fried chili bean eggplant with zucchini, broccolini, a pumpkin puree, and tofu. And, don’t miss out on their tasty desserts such as the cacao peanut butter caramel fudge with vegan chocolate and lavender praline! Additionally, the prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly and receptive.

3. Vegan Golden Lotus

As vegan restaurants in Sydney go, this one is great. This restaurant specializes in a vegan Vietnamese cuisine and the food is delicious and extremely well priced. Examples of their amazing appetizers are their stay skewers, steamed vegetable dumplings, as well as their vegan fried spring rolls. Their main courses include their eggplant in clay pot dish, tofu vegetables with cashews, and their jasmine rice dish. Golden Lotus will surprise its customers by providing a special dessert of the day, and who will want to miss that?


More Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

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4. Lentil As Anything

This restaurant features a vegan Indian cuisine as well as a vegan general Asian cuisine. This restaurant is slightly pricier than the others mentioned above. However, what you do get with the price are two dishes from the menu as well as a delicious drink of your choice. The staff is friendly and many of them donate their time to good causes that support veganism.

5. Funky Pies

This vegan restaurant is located in the Bondi Beach region, and has a fun and lively atmosphere. They offer a variety of vegan dishes such as their Funky Chunky dish which consists of chopped up Shiitake mushrooms that are covered in delectable gravy as well as creamy mashed potatoes. Their other popular dish is the Chilli-non-Carne which consists of red kidney beans, chopped mushrooms, green capsicum that are covered by a tomato salsa that is spicy. You will also love to hear about their highly popular dish, the Rockin’ Roll! The one consists of a vegan sausage that has been sauteed in fresh rosemary as well as their delicious sauteed onions. They also have gluten-free choices on their menu as well.

Now that you have learned about the top 5 vegan restaurants that you must try out when you are visiting Sydney, Australia, are you ready to book your trip? Especially if you are living in the frozen north at this time to escape the cold and to have an opportunity to enjoy the summer heat once again? This is one trip you will not want to miss out on in addition to having an opportunity to eat in any of these top vegan restaurants in the city!

What are your favorites vegan restaurants in Sydney? Drop us a line in the comments. 

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