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Vegan Meal Planning: A Savior for Busy Parents

by | January 30, 2019

Vegan meal planning is a cost-effective, nutritious, and easy way to incorporate healthy foods into your kid’s diet even when you are running against time.

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Vegan Meal Planning: A Savior for Busy Parents

The biggest deterrent people come across as soon as they become vegan is the dilemma of figuring out what to cook. The popular notion that vegans only eat salads and grass is absolutely untrue. People don’t realize this, but there are so many plant-based options around that you can actually get spoiled with all the choices. You don’t have to be a remarkable chef to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Proper vegan meal planning not only lets you plan well in advance but also comes equipped with easy to follow step by step cooking process.

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Here are five ways vegan meal planning helps you living life to the fullest in spite of having a busy work schedule.

1. Saves time

Each morning is a race against time. You get up and before that first cup of coffee even gets down your throat, you have to think about what to pack for your kid’s lunch. Vegan meal planning saves you from the trouble of exercising your brain each morning. With an already set meal schedule, you save quite a lot of time that you can spend with your kids in the morning.

2. Kid friendly recipes

I am yet to find a kid who will eat broccoli, zucchini, or kale salad without flinching or throwing a temper tantrum. If your kid is the same and you’re wondering about how to get him/her excited for the next meal, vegan meal planning sorts this out for you. A good meal plan has a lot of delicious options that kids would love. Going vegan is anything but boring. There are tons of mouth-watering vegan cakes, muffins, pizza, and burger recipes to treat them with on the weekend. The next time your kid opens his lunch box in school, he’ll do it with a smile.

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3. Get your “inner cook” out

Haven’t cooked much in your life and now you are freaking out over how you’ll manage everything like a pro? With easy to follow step by step recipes as an integral plan of vegan meal planning, cooking turns out to be much more fun than you anticipated. You’ll be surprised how easy some of the recipes are. Let your “inner cook” out, don the apron, and cook up a storm. It’s pretty easy, trust me.

4. Explore healthy foods from around the world

There are hundreds of healthy plant-based foods all around the world that you can experiment with. From sweet potato enchiladas and veggie burritos to vegan macaroons and cauliflower curry, explore plant-based cuisines from different countries. Experiment with them and come up with your own version that your family would love to munch on Sunday brunches.

5. Cost-effective and affordable

Vegan meal planning is a cost-effective and affordable way to embrace cruelty-free living. You can join a dietitian-led meal planning group, like JUST ASK THE DIETITIAN, and seek reliable safe guidance at minimal cost. In addition to this, you will also save a lot of money each month on grocery shopping thanks to the targeted list you’ll have well in advance. No more impulsive buys or aimless grocery shopping.

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