Vegan Parenting Explodes Into Mainstream World

by | August 2, 2018

Parenting, one of the great debates – between Facebook Groups dedicated to the thousands who gather together to discuss the finer points, and get advice on cooking up their picky toddlers dishes, to Magazines dedicated to the art of not losing your shit. One newcomer into the mainstream world is vegan parenting.


Vegan Parenting

Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, who started as a small online chat group, this week jumped to half a million parents daily talking, seeking advice and raising their kids, sans the pork chops and dairy ice-cream.

vegan parenting

Take into consideration also, what is now the largest vegan parenting magazine shipped worldwide, and you have yourself a plant-based euphoria.

Raise Vegan Magazine, which was born from the need of parents who wanted to forgo the turkey recipes at Christmas and focus instead of their Tofurky options. It highlights social media stars, X-Game champions and, recently WBNA Champions, Penny Taylor & Diana Taurasi. It appears to be elbowing its way into the mainstream media, and into your kitchen, one kid at a time.

“We are proud to say that we are the largest vegan parenting community worldwide,” a spokesperson for the magazine said in a statement“We are putting that vast knowledge to work at our new magazine where our readers can count on reliable information, tips, and much more in an effort to help educate about being a vegan parent, infancy, and much, much more, along with the latest vegan news.”




Can Children Be Vegan

According to research published in January, in the UK 1 in 12 parents are raising their children vegan, predominantly for health reasons. Actress Ellen Pompeo said in a recent interview that not only had she adopted a vegan diet but her entire family, including her children, had made the plant-based shift, too. Pompeo was advised by her doctor to leave animals off of her plate to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer.

Children can thrive on a vegan diet as evidenced by a number of school districts across the U.S. adopting Meatless Mondays and adding vegan menu options to their lunch programs. The Santa Barbara Unified School District says its lunch offerings are increasingly plant-based because of the growing demand from the students. A diet rich in plant-based whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans has been shown to provide children with more energy and focus throughout the day. A vegan diet also helps reduce the risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes, two serious health conditions afflicting the nation’s children.

A six-month long subscription to the magazine is at a jaw-droppingly low price of $24.50 for six months, or $42 for a year-long subscription worldwide!

Raise Vegan

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