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Vegan Pizzeria Crowned Winner at the Prestigious World Pizza Championship

by | April 30, 2019

The United Kingdom’s first vegan pizzeria, Purezza, sells vegan iterations of the classic Italian dish. Purezza has duly taken the crown as the first ever vegan winner of the prestigious World Pizza Championship, which been running since 1991 in Italy. A true hero of a pizzeria is the vegan Purezza. Learn more here.

World Pizza Championship
Credit: @purezza/ Twitter

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U.K,’s First Vegan Pizzeria Held Winner at the Prestigious World Pizza Championship

The World Pizza Championship, or The Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza as it is called in Italian, is a prestigious pizza championship that originally occurred in Parma, Italy. The competition has been running for the last 28 years. The competition reportedly attracts as many as 6,500 independent pizzerias from across the globe every year and this year a vegan pizzeria from the U.K. took the crown. The same vegan pizzeria also happens to be the U.K.’s first vegan shop that serves plant-based versions of the Italian delight.

Credit: @purezza/ Twitter

This year marks the very first time any vegan pizzeria won the prestigious title, in addition to the first time Purezza got nominated in the competition’s Pizza Classica (12 minutes allowed time to cook and serve) category. The British pizzeria has restaurants in Brighton and London and is reportedly on its way to opening a whole vegan mozzarella cheese factory, according to the Independent.

Know the Muscles of the Winner Vegan Pizza

Purrezza’s entry was reportedly titled, “The Promised Land,” which was crafted using whole grain dough infused with BrewDog Punk IPA. It was popped with Italian-style marinated tempeh, stir-fried cavolo nero, borlotti bean sauce, and pioppini mushrooms. Glued with two types of cheese, the company’s own vegan cheese called Mozzarella 2.0 and fermented cashew cheese, the pizza was peppered with sundried cruschi peppers. The masterpiece was topped with vegan caviar, ginger puree and agave syrup as garnishes.

Filippo Rosato, Purrezza’s head chef said, “…to have come away with one of the awards for the Pizza Classica category is more than I could ever have hoped for,” adding that this win stands vegan pizzas as the future and not just a possibility. The company has won many other accolades and awards for its vegan innovations.

Truly, after a pie that took the limelight at a championship earlier this year, and now a pizza doing the same proves the merit vegan dishes hold compared to the mainstream. What are your thoughts on the classic vegan pizza flexing its muscles? Are you excited for the vegan pizzeria winning at the world pizza championship? Let me know in the comments.

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