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Vivera Food Group Bids Adieu to Meat Industry to Focus on Plant-Based

by | June 15, 2019

The Netherlands based company Vivera Food Group are totally leaving the trails of the meat industry behind and are ready to focus solely on plant-based alternatives, the company says in a press release. Vivera Food Group has a ‘strong market position’ in Europe owing to its plant-based brand Vivera that has been pioneering vegan meat since 1990.

Speaking about their latest big-move to the plant-based sector, CEO of Vivera Food Group, Willem van Weede says “We are one of the first companies in the world’s meat industry to say a final goodbye to meat,” He added that from now they’re going to be focusing solely on plant-based foods. Vivera Food group owns plant-based brands like Vivera, The Dutch Tofu Company, and Culifrost.

Vivera Food Group Bids Adieu to Meat Industry to Focus on Plant-Based
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Vivera Food Group to ditch meat industry, focus solely on plant-based

“As a result of the sale of our meat activities, we think we can boost even more Vivera’s rapid international growth,” Willem van Weede stated, adding more and more consumers are discovering the health and environment benefits that plant-based products have, alongside tasting closer to the animal-based counterparts. The company will reportedly use the proceeds from the sale of their Enko into further kindling their plant-based future and sustainability.

Vivera in 2018 launched wheat and soy-based vegan steak in the market. On the same note, this year on May the company launched the real taste and texture-imitating vegan ‘bacon’ pieces that are 100% fat-free, according to Foodbev. Vivera harbors a total of 40 different plant-based alternatives and is reportedly the makers of the first commercially available plant-based steak in 2018.

Towards a plant-based future

Speaking about the Vivera’s current calibers, the company is reportedly Europe’s third-largest meat alternative company, with a retail footprint of 25,000 supermarkets in 25 European nation’s, FoodNavigator reports. Vevera reportedly sold one million meat alternatives in Europe harnessing supermarket TESCO.

Plans are also to increase the Vivera Netherlands facility capacity by 2019 fall. What do you think about Vivera bidding adieu to the meat industry

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