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Bristol Set to Host the ‘Biggest-Ever’ Vegan March This Weekend

by | June 14, 2019

Bristol, this weekend is reportedly set to encounter the biggest ever vegan march called The Animal Rights March Bristol 2019, with 500-1000 people expected to attend it. Know more about it here.

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Bristol’s biggest ever vegan march is due this weekend

Starting 12 pm, as much as 1000 activists are reportedly due to walk down the road from College Green to Castle Park, on June 15th, in what they’re calling the march as the city’s biggest ever, Bristol Live reports. “Our main message is for animal liberation,” says Rebecca Owen, organizer, to local news outlet Bristol Live. She added they seek to use their voices in the march to make Bristol listen and “hopefully” go vegan.

Angus Lancaster, co-campaigner demonstrating in the walk, speaking about the possible traffic disruption said that they’ve organized that with police and “will probably only slow traffic down for 20 minutes.” He stated, as opposed to past marches in Bristol with 50 participants, this would be the biggest vegan march, Bristol ever encountered.

Lancaster also stated they’re expecting people from London, Birmingham, Swansea, and Cardiff. Having said that, he noted that the walk will be “friendly” and open to all ages. They reportedly will uphold banner like “go vegan” and “love animals” and will not do things like “stop at McDonald’s and shout,” he said, the Bristol Live reported.

A Vegan Paradise?

In 2018, Google search trends in Bristol were dominantly veganism-related, so much so that, it surpassed every other city globally, according to a survey. The survey noted that Bristol is dotted with an active vegan community running cafes, restaurants and even beauty and hair salons.

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People of Bristol say highly about the veganism of the location. “If you go away anywhere else in the UK you’ll realize quickly just how spoilt we are living in Bristol, it’s a brilliant place to be and so easy to live a vegan diet,” a resident of Bristol said to Bristol Live. Certainly, there has to be something if a city ranks top in terms of veganism.

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