Beyond Meat Launched MEATIER Beyond Burger™; In-Stores Within 2-3 Weeks

by | June 14, 2019

Beyond Meat is simply commanding the vegan food news. Looks like, it isn’t stopping anytime soon (thankfully), and on that note, the company has announced the next gen Beyond Burger, ‘Meatier’ than ever. Supposed to roll out over the next 2-3 weeks, look out for a red-sticker on the top-right corner of the box, in nearby grocery stores. Know more about the burger here.

Credit: Screenshot from @BeyondMeat/ Twitter

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Beyond Meat to launch meatier burger in the upcoming two-three weeks

beyond meat
Credit: Screenshot from @BeyondMeat/ Twitter

According to the plant-based meat company on its official feed, just in time for summer, they’re preparing the launch of a better than ever Beyond Burger, that will find spaces in the grocery store over 2-3 weeks, the brand writes on June 11th. “We believe in a better Beyond. A Beyond that’s always striving for more,” the company says, adding their new variant will feature a ‘mouthwatering marbling’ and all the juicy GMO-free goodness in a ‘meatier chew,’ along with all that folks loved in the original variant. “(…) this new burger is closer to beef than ever before,” they added. 

Credit: @BeyondMeat/ Twitter

Speaking about the new ‘OK Kosher certified’ product, Ethan Brown, CEO, and Founder of Beyond Meat stated that this new product is ‘next step’ in their journey to creating meat directly from plants that are indistinguishable from animal sources in taste and experience to the consumers.

The Differences

Credit: Screenshot from @BeyondMeat/ Twitter

Preserving the bests of the original patty, this new version seeks to recreate the same, just the bests manifolds increased. Highlighting the new patty, Beyond Meat said this will be meatier in taste and texture, with ‘marbling that melts and tenderizes like beef.’ The burger patty will feature proteins from rice, peas and Mung beans, with a ‘more neutral flavor and aroma.’ It will also be adjusted for a cooking time of three to four min each side and will have a simplified ingredient list.


According to the brand, the product should hit meat cases in 2-4 weeks across the US, and the full rollout may take some more time. What do you think about a meatier Beyond?

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