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Woman Had 7 Miscarriages For Rare Chromosome Disorder; Now a Mother of Two

by | April 16, 2019

A woman of 42, Jayne Hook from Berkshire couldn’t conceive as she was suffering from a rare chromosome abnormality. She had suffered 7 miscarriages post her marriage and one tragic stillbirth. And each time she couldn’t get pregnant devastation gripped her but now she’s a happy mother of two boys. Know more here.

7 Miscarriages
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Woman Suffered 7 Miscarriages, finally a Mother of Two

The couple finally conceived after going through several batches of IVF, but their road to getting pregnant wasn’t smooth. Jayne candidly spoke about their 10-years old journey to getting pregnant and the difficulties she had, reported the Daily Mail.  

Jayne Hook first got pregnant when after a year of their marriage in 2004. Only to their pain, they didn’t know what anguish was lying ahead. Jayne, unfortunately, suffered as much as 7 miscarriages in 10 years, IVF failures and even tragically lost Poppy, their daughter, who was stillborn. She was reportedly at her lowest point after her sixth miscarriages and she started blaming herself. She said,

‘As the woman, you feel so responsible when this happens again and again. I told Steven he should be with someone who can have children.’

The now proud mother of two finally conceived through successful IVF. Their son Oliver is two and William, four.

Recollecting about their painful journey to their now beautiful two sons, she said in her first year of marriage she wasn’t even trying to get pregnant. According to her, pregnancy would be more of an ‘if it happens, It happens’ case. Soon they discovered their first pregnancy and they were happy. But with time she started bleeding and lost her baby. After she lost her fifth pregnancy it was found that the baby was lost due to a rare chromosome abnormality, also revealing the lost baby was a girl.

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Woman Had 7 Miscarriages Blamed Husband; Now a Mother of Two

‘I was relieved to learn there was a problem,’ said Jayne. “It sounds cruel when people say it’s “nature’s way,” she said to the Daily Mail.

Jayne was shocked instead of feeling elated after she held her first healthy baby on her arms.

‘I wanted a baby and would have walked over hot coals backward and had needles poked into my eyes to get one,” said Jayne proclaiming her long yet successful struggle.

Just the way having a child can be the happiest experience, not being able to have one is just equally devastating. This is the story of a woman who didn’t lose hope and persisted. What do you think? Did you face any such issues with pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below.

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