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Aussie Vegan Woman Shares A Secret $2 Vegan Meal Idea. You’ll be Lovin’ It

by | May 12, 2019

A classic example of creativity all vegans can possess- an Australian woman went to Mc Donald’s and being a vegan and like many of us didn’t have much to nibble off the menu. But that couldn’t put her off from eating a sumptuous vegan meal at the super-popular fast-food restaurant and the creative woman shared her sneaky tip on a local facebook group. Here is what you need to know about the $2 vegan meal idea.

Aussie Vegan Woman Shares A Secret $2 Vegan Meal Idea. You’ll be Lovin’ It
Image by Roberto Rizzo from Pixabay

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Aussie Vegan Woman Shares A Secret $2 Vegan Meal Idea. You’ll be Lovin’ It

She is so confident of her creativity that on the local Facebook group she wrote- ‘Public Service Announcement’ for all fellow vegans, while sharing her sneaky tip to get a vegan meal at as little as $2 ( which counts to 1.40 United States Dollar), and surely she is creative. Vegans don’t have a much of choice when it comes to dining at Mc Donald’s.

Writing on the group the member posted a picture of two burger buns stuffed with some lettuce, a hash brown (used as a patty in replacement) and tomato topped with tomato sauce, reports She wrote-

“PSA for anyone looking for a cheap feed, hamburgers at Maccas are $1 at the moment and hash browns are $1 on the rewards app.”

An Australian Woman on Facebook via about her $2 vegan meal idea

Now you might be wondering what she did? Well, she clearly flexed her creative muscles and reportedly ordered a hamburger that is available for $1 declining the patty (of course) and separately ordered a hash brown that is available for $1 and some extra salad. She mentioned the local Mc Donald’s for some reason don’t charge extra for some more lettuce and tomatoes and for her, rounding off the deal within $2 was ‘not bad.’ Not bad at all, indeed. However, she also pointed out that different outlets of Mc D have a different approach when it comes to charging extra for adding lettuce and tomato. The hamburger and hash brown were available at Mc D for $ 1 each until 6th May. Whatever she simply nailed it.

Group members applauded her for the creativity of the $2 vegan meal idea, considering how simple her approach was, and how fresh and delicious looked the burger. She was showered with praises and some even called her idea a perfect vegan ‘junk food.’

What would have you said to her idea? Do you have any such sneaky yet great idea to have vegan meals where it is unlikely? Let us know in comments.

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