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Babies Born are most likely at 4am, Study Finds

by | November 9, 2018

If a report published on BBC news is to be believed,  your baby is more likely to be born at 4 am. According to the report, most babies born in England is spontaneously at 4 am in the morning. On an average, more than 70% of births happened outside of the regular working hours.

The report is based on the analysis, carried out by University College London, on birth trends in 5 million cases, from 2005 to 2014.


What does the report say?

Research author at the University of London, Prof Alison Macfarlane claimed, through BBC report, that “current trends in obstetric intervention at birth may work in opposite directions”. She further concluded that ‘planned C-section births are more likely to be scheduled for morning hours while induced births usually occur at night’

Image Source: University of London and 
BBC news 

Babies Born 

Though, the rising rate of human intervention in birthing process, with methods such as induction and planned C-sections, has caused the birth patterns of babies born to change since 1950s.

Senior policy adviser at NCT, Elizabeth Duff, explains through the BBC report, “This study tells us parents aren’t bothered about the timing of the birth as long as it results in healthy mums and babies”.

babies born
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What impact the report might have?

The report reveals that only 28% of babies born occurred during working hours, from 9 AM to 5PM on weekdays. This could impact staffing and schedule of doctors and midwives, since presently majority of senior staff members are less widely available around midnight.

The study also indirectly highlights the major role played by midwives, which is more than just around birth. They are responsible for postnatal and antenatal care, mother’s mental health, and infant’s feeding.

Healthcare service providers will have to consider these factors before organizing their staffing rotas.



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