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Buy Soap and Help the Homeless: Unilever’s Right to Shower Campaign

by | April 18, 2019

Unilever, which mothers many big-name brands such as Dove, Love Beauty and Planet, and Ben and Jerry’s, has acquired a company with probably the best campaign yet: “The Right to Shower.” With a beautiful mission based on giving back to communities and helping those in need, The Right to Shower is a company that you’ll feel great about supporting. Keep reading to learn more about the brand’s platform and to hear about our favorite products that you are sure to enjoy.

Buy Soap and Help the Homeless: Unilever’s Right to Shower Campaign
The Right to Shower Campaign / Unilever

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Buy Soap and Help the Homeless: Unilever’s Right to Shower Campaign

Made to be “fair, wholesome, and good for all,” The Right to Shower’s products have been leading what they call the Clean Revolution. With a line of liquid body wash and bar soaps with uplifting names (dignity, hope, joy, and strength), for every product you buy, you are supporting the company’s movement to build mobile shower units for those who are homeless and living on the streets.

We believe no one should be denied access to cleanliness… [In America], 550,000 people are experiencing homelessness and have limited or no access to the everyday services many of us take for granted, including a shower. We’re working to fix that.

The Right to Shower Campaign mission

The Right to Shower has pledged that 100% of their profits made during their first year will be directly used to fund their mobile shower initiative. As a social enterprise, the company hopes to be sustainable and to continue the cycle of giving back as they grow.

Credits: Emily L. Wood

Some of our favorite The Right to Shower products are the dignity, and strength bar soaps and the hope liquid soap which are perfect for your family’s shower needs, or as eco-friendly gifts that tell an important story.

If you are interested in supporting The Right to Shower’s goal of building mobile shower units across America, you can click the link here to buy great-smelling vegan handmade soaps from their website. If you are interested in getting more directly involved to help bring access to showers to those living on the streets, you can click here to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Will you be participating in The Right To Shower Campaign? What other brands do you know of that work to combat homelessness and it’s side effects? Let me know in the comments below.

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