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Dear Vegan Parents, It’s Time to Stop Buying These 5 Items in 2019

by | January 11, 2019

Dear vegan parents, here’s a list of 5 items you should stop buying in 2019.

Dear vegan parents, stop buying these 5 items in 2019

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Dear Vegan Parents, Its Time You Stop Buying These 5 Items in 2019

We all strive to follow lifestyles which cause the absolute least harm possible, not just to animals, but to others and to Mother Earth. As a community of vegan parents, we all need to stop buying these 5 items in 2019.


Plastic Straws

Although this isn’t technically an item that you buy, it almost always comes with a drink in a restaurant or with a fast-food meal. Stop sucking and ditch the one-time-use straws. Many eateries have begun to offer paper straws but if you want to be prepared, carry a stainless steel straw with you. Mine lives in my purse so whenever I need it for my iced coffee, it is readily available. Not your thing? Biodegradable bamboo straws also exist.


Physical Tickets

Paper tickets are an easy thing you can ease out of your life. Save a tree or two by asking for an email receipt when you go shopping, by using your mobile phone to show plane or concert tickets, and by getting a reloadable fare card if you take public transit. Every little action counts.


Peanut Butter (and Other Spreads with Palm Oil)

Unfortunately, your favorite breakfast spreads may be contributing to deforestation and climate change. Palm oil, found in many products including many nut butters on the market today, has left our environment forever changed for the worse. Think of trying alternatives with nuts as the only ingredients to avoid this destructive ingredient.


On Trend Fashion Items

In a world where fast fashion dominates social media, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying whatever product is currently on trend, whether it be a tattoo choker or brightly patterned leggings. Even I’m even guilty of buying a Teddy Jacket last month when they surged in popularity. With these items, they are produced in quickly high quantities, with low quality and they contain the blood, sweat, and tears of underpaid and abused employees. Just be mindful of items you are buying and where you are buying from. Think about thrifting and DIY-ing where you can!


Non-Cruelty Free Personal Care/Beauty Products

With vegan and cruelty-free products of anything and everything you could ever need, there’s no excuse to keep buying brands that don’t support the cause of animal liberation. Whatever you can’t find at Target is easily accessible online. Toothpaste? Tom’s. Sunblock? Sunbum. Contact Solution? Clear Conscience. The best part? There is usually no obnoxious price gap between vegan and non-vegan products.


What products will you stop buying in 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

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