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HipDot Studios to Launch Stunning New Sponge Bob Vegan Beauty Kit

by | June 19, 2019

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon, Sponge Bob, a vegan brand called HipDot Studios will launch a vegan beauty kit built on the theme of Sponge Bob. It will even come with a lip gloss shade inspired by one Sponge Bob wore in one of the episodes. Now that’s adorable! Keep reading to know more.

Vegan Beauty Kit
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HipDot Studios to Launch Stunning New Sponge Bob Vegan Beauty Kit

Marking the 20th anniversary of the iconic cartoon character, the limited edition Sponge Bob make-up kit will hold a special place to the fans who will be able to grab one. LA-based HipDot Studios will make the collection, according to beauty media outlet Allure, and the product will drop on July 17. So if you are a Sponge Bob fan, don’t miss your chance!

Regarding the features one can expect from the quirky new vegan beauty kit, without revealing too many details, a HipDot Studios representative gave some insight to Allure. According to the report, as of right now we know the whole collection will be crafted of vegan raw materials, and will be cruelty-free. The kit will feature both skincare, as well as make-up, such as a lip gloss trio, eye shadow palette, blush and bronzer duo, and a sheet mask – all of which will reportedly take cues from Sponge Bob Squarepants. Thus, if you’re a vegan Sponge Bob fan nothing can stop you from getting one!

Credit: hipdot/ Instagram

One interesting part of the make-up kit is one of the lip glosses. According to Allure, a HipDot rep told them via email, this lip gloss will feature the same ‘sheer blue’ color called ‘Coral No. 5’ Sponge Bob reportedly wore in an episode. They added, “this moment actually inspired one of the lip glosses in the collection.”

Are you excited for the launch of this Sponge Bob-themed vegan beauty kit next month? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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