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Italian Vegan Dining Baia to Surface in Venue of Former Jardinière in SA

by | May 25, 2019

San Francisco’s Groove Street neighborhood might be on their way to getting a great vegan Italian comfort food restaurant. The report comes shortly after the venue bid adieu to the former iconic Jardinière in April. How and what will be the new Italian vegan dining? Keep reading to discover.

Italian Vegan Dining
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Italian Vegan Dining Baia to Surface in Venue of Former Jardinière in SA

The new vegan restaurant that will replace the former dining will reportedly be an Italian comfort food restaurant that will serve totally plant-based meals. The location harbors an opulent two-leveled building and as per reports, and the history of the venue tickled the fancy of the new owner, Tracy Vogt. She told“It is an incredibly iconic S.F. restaurant, so I realized it’s a rare opportunity to work in such a beautiful space.” The venture is undertaken by a partnership between renowned chef Matthew Kenney and Tracy Vogt. Tracy happens to own a 32-acre animal sanctuary in Sonoma, reports San Francisco Chronicle.

According to Vogt, the new Italian vegan dining place- Baia, which entails ‘bay’ in Italian will be a vegan restaurant which will exist to stand testimony of the fact- “that you can eat plant-based without resorting to a plate of soggy tofu and steamed veggies.” Vogt’s latest joint venture is reportedly going to serve Italian comfort food, all plant-based. The idea of the venue as a whole came to her when she became vegan a few years back and noticed the ‘dearth of vegan food’ in San Francisco. While speaking to news outlet SF Chronicles, Tracy stated-

“I knew I needed to find a strong chef with a proven track record who can create really amazing Italian food, which is why after visiting a couple of Matthew Kenney’s restaurants in L.A. and New York, I realized he would be a perfect fit to bring to S.F.

“I definitely think there is a market for more plant-based restaurants in the Bay Area, as people are becoming more concerned with their health, the environmental effects, and animal welfare concerns associated with a traditional meat-heavy diet.”

Tracy Vogt via

Overlooking the restaurant’s culinary affairs would be renowned and experienced Chef Matthew Kenney. The regional news outlet noted that Kenney has a good many ‘upscale’ plant-based eating venues in the country. For instance, his Beverly Hills venue called Folia was opened last year. The Chef reportedly owns the vegan pizzeria chain Double Zero.

What do you think about the beautiful upcoming Italian vegan dining? Do you live in the San Francisco neighborhood where the venue is supposed to open? Let me know in comments.

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