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Pret Welcomes More Veggie and Vegan Customers After Acquiring Rival ‘Eat’

by | May 24, 2019

The United Kingdom-based sandwich and coffee chain- Pret a Manger, more colloquially called Pret, has upped their game. They are looking forward to catering for more veggie and vegan customers. The coffee chain has acquired rival sandwich chain Eat, and are planning to expand into ‘veggie Pret.’ Sounds good? Know more here.

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Pret Welcomes More Veggie and Vegan Customers After Acquiring Rival ‘Eat’

In a bid to reach more and more plant-based consumers, the UK based sandwich and coffee chain has recently acquired its nearest rival food chain, Eat. The move has been reportedly strategically made, so as to expand their ‘Veggie Pret’ store which caters to vegan and veggie customers. As per plans, Eat, which has nearly 94 stores mostly based in London, is set to be converted mostly into Veggie Pret stores by the end of next year, according to multiple media reports. Clearly, the step indicates the growing preference for plant-based business, thanks to the ever-growing vegan community.

According to the news outlet Metro, the ‘Eat’ brand will supposedly disappear from the UK High Street. Pret currently boasts a total of four vegetarian outlets, of which three are in the Britain capital and the other in Manchester, reports the Guardian. The takeover has been of an undisclosed sum.

Credit: @Pret/ Twitter
Pret Welcomes More Veggie and Vegan Customers After Acquiring Rival ‘Eat’

According to Chief executive at Pret, the move will help the company ‘serve a growing demand of vegetarian and vegan customers’ who don’t want to compromise on the quality of food and drinks, Pret announces officially. He was also quoted as saying-

“We have been developing the Veggie Pret concept for over two years and now have four hugely successful shops across London and Manchester. The acquisition of Eat is a wonderful opportunity to turbo-charge the development of Veggie Pret.

“This is a tipping point in our long-term journey towards a more vegetarian world,”

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Vegan at Pret

Veggie Pret is Pret a Manger’s plant-based concept. The company, as of now runs four veggie shops and the recent acquisition should grow the plant-based offering to a lot more if the reports are to be believed. Catering to both vegan and vegetarian, Pret’s veggie outlet won’t disappoint a vegan. There are some delicious vegan offering you can expect if you’re located in London or Manchester.

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Pret Welcomes More Veggie and Vegan Customers After Acquiring Rival ‘Eat’

For instance, there is the company’s Almond Butter Bites- a mouthwatering preparation of dark-chocolate filled with almond butter and seasoned with sea salt. Similarly, there is the Sweet Potato Falafel Veggie Box that is a delicious assortment of multiple veggies, beans, and rice. There is also a handful of fruit-based options like Avo Smoothie, Melon, Blueberry Bows, and Almond Berries, plus a lot more.

What do you think about Pret’s plans to expand their plant-based business? Let me know your thought in comments.

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