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Lauren B. Beauty- The Cruelty Free Manicure of Your Dreams

by | July 18, 2019

Love the idea of a cruelty free manicure within the comfort of your home? Keep scrolling to know more about the brand that makes it possible for you.

Lauren B. was a young girl who was passionate about nail polish being the best accessory, which morphed into creating a long-lasting, easy to use, and affordable nail polish brand. After scouring the world for chemists to create the perfect vegan formula, Lauren B. Beauty features a wide array of colors that are perfect for those looking to get a stylish and high-quality manicure at home. Along with creating the perfect formula for a glossy and long-lasting manicure, all of Lauren B. Beauty’s products are vegan-friendly.  Read on to see our interview with Lauren B. Beauty.

Lauren B. Beauty- The Cruelty Free Manicure of Your Dreams
Credits: Sofia Zhuravetc/ Shutterstock
Lauren B. Beauty- The Cruelty Free Manicure of Your Dreams

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Lauren B. Beauty- The Cruelty Free Manicure of Your Dreams

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

I loved reading your story about how your love for nail polish as a young girl blossomed into Lauren B Beauty! What advice would you give to other passionate young women wanting to start their own company? 

“Do what makes you happy and be the best at it. It is going to be hard work, and lots of hustle but it will pay off if you work hard. I am a huge believer in surrounding yourself with people that you admire and who may be smarter than you are, learn from them and ask for help! Have a passion for what you do and be the best at it! Failure will happen, but true success is measured by each time that you Keep on getting up! It is okay to fail, fall down, and to learn from it but then get up and just try again.”

What is the perfect everyday nail polish for lady bosses and moms on-the-go to try this Summer? 

“You can’t go wrong with a bold jewel tone, like pink, blue or red for summer, it works on all skin tones (also perfect for pedicures) and is so flattering for all. For my lady bosses and moms on-the-go I suggest a neutral, or soft pink/ peach, like my buttercream tiers, or blushing bridesmaids, both are understated yet polished, clean, chic, but also are super forgiving so if you get a minor chip, no one will notice.”

Did you consciously develop Lauren B Beauty to be vegan and cruelty-free from the beginning? What influenced that decision for you? 

“YES! Simply put I love animals and strongly disagree with harming them or letting them suffer for experimental testing. Being in the beauty industry for many years prior to starting my own brand, I have seen and heard horror stories from some of the large beauty companies and the types of testing they do.  I vowed that when I started my own brand one day, we would do things differently and be conscious of creating superior quality products without harming animals.”

How do you see Lauren B Beauty changing the face of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish? 

“I create quality products that are healthier for us. I do not want people to have to compromise their health for beauty, and that also means my customers can still have a quality experience and use a high quietly product even though it is 7 free and vegan. Just because we are healthy does not mean it won’t last or is poor quality- that’s a misnomer that I am trying to educate people on. I find that people are finally coming around to investing in vegan, healthier products, but nail care is kind of the last thing people think of. We are getting there with more education and awareness of the horribly toxic ingredients found in most nail polish and salon environments. Hopefully, we can be part of the conversation about going clean with your nail care routine.”

What can we expect to see from Lauren B Beauty in the future? Any exciting new colors coming out? 

“We are always working on new colors and collections. We typically launch a spring /summer and fall/ winter collection so new colors twice a year. We are also developing some really exciting treatment products and hand care regimens. I cannot say too much about them yet, but they will be launching toward the end of this year.”

Having a fresh cruelty free manicure can give you that little extra boost of self-confidence, and Lauren B. Beauty makes this accessible to those who are looking for an easy to use vegan nail polish. With a color to suit every outfit, mood, and season of the year, Lauren B. Beauty’s line-up of nail polish is sure to inspire you. Which Lauren B. Beauty nail polish color inspires you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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