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Man behind “Bronn” from Game of Thrones Wants You to go Vegan

by | April 18, 2019

You’ve met “Bronn” in the hit HBO show, “Game of Thrones,” but have you met Jerome Flynn? The extremely compassionate human who loves animals and care for their betterment? If you haven’t, here he is urging fans to reject cruelty and go vegan. In a recent PETA video, the GoT star shares some eye-widening realities of abattoirs and livestock rearing farms as he urges viewers to go vegan. Read on to know what Jerome Flynn has to say.

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Jerome Flynn, From Game of Thrones, Wants You to go Vegan and Reject Cruelty

You’ve known actor Jerome Flynn via his on-screen characters who often resort to violence (having starred in works such as Black Mirror and Street Ripper), but that is just the opposite of the man when he dwells in the real-world. A voracious animal lover, Jerome Flynn says “no” to meat and any animal derived products.

In a recent YouTube release by PETA, you can find the Game of Throne’s star narrating shocking scenes depicting where meat comes comes from and urging viewers to let go of the same and become vegan.

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Recently in a PETA video, the actor also asked “GoT” fans to stop buying huskies, which have gained popularity due to the dog’s resemblance with the “Direwolves” from Game of Thrones, and are eventually abandoned due to high maintenance costs. The dogs face dire consequences and some even have to be euthanized because of lack of space in shelters and greater numbers of abandoned huskies. He urged fans to adopt from shelters instead.

Flynn Explains the Virtually Light-Less Lives of the Farm Animals

In the video, Flynn explains that the animals people eat lead a horrific life. Chickens, for example, are packed in massive cells and are bred to grow unnaturally large upper bodies so that the maximum breast meat is derived for sale. Eggs mostly come from hens who all are jam-packed in cages where they are barely able to move their wings, in addition to other natural behavioral restrictions.

“Please don’t tell yourself that the disgraceful conditions and suffering I’ve described are limited to just a few bad apples because they are not…,” he said in the video, elaborating, “their lives are miserable from the moment they’re born until the day the lorry arrives to take them to slaughter…”

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He says if we’re true to our own values, how can we justify inflicting so much pain and suffering to the “emotionally sensitive smart individuals just for the fleeting moment of taste?” Continuing, he requests that viewers join him in “rejecting this cruelty.”

“Join me in choosing healthy, ethical, vegan meals. Thank you,” says Flynn in the PETA video.  

“Veganism Suits Me Very Well”

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The Game of Thrones star has commented on his personal experience in being vegan to PETA in a Q&A video. He explained that somebody (a vegan) he had fallen in love with in college brought him some PETA leaflets containing educational information about the way animals are treated.

“Veganism suits me very well. I don’t miss meat at all….. I feel great.

“I believe I am healthier than most guys my age…

“I really hope in 50 years’ time we will be able to look back and horror what we put on our plates….” said the 56-year-old star.

He is among other starts like Peter Dinklage, his GoT co-star, and Brit Paul who have spoken out against slaughtering animals for food. Are not you motivated by Flynn’s inspiration? Let me know your feelings in the comments.

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