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New Vegan Bakery In Santa Monica? Be Prepared To Get Spoiled.

by | June 18, 2019

Erin McKenna’s Bakery is about to open its second Loss Angels outlet in Santa Monica this Saturday. Erin McKenna already has her bakery’s branch at Larchmont Village in LA, and two more across the States, one in New York City and the other in Orlando. But, as opposed to those, this Santa Monica location, is a significant scale-up. Know more about the new vegan bakery in Santa Monica here.

New Vegan Bakery In Santa Monica?
Credit: erinmckennasbakery/ Instagram

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New Vegan Bakery In Santa Monica? Be Prepared To Get Spoiled.

In 2005, McKenna opened her first vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO bakery in the New York City. From the very beginning, her bakery has been gluten-free, since she had some allergies. Called the Erin McKenna’s Bakery, there are two other branches, one in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles and the other in Orlando, at Disney Springs.

Now it’s about time, new doors of the second bakery in the City of Flowers and Sunshine opens, the Los Angeles Times reports. “The loudest message I got was ‘open in L.A.,” said McKenna, speaking about her new opening in LA, and added that L.A is light years ahead compared to New York in “cutting-edge health.”

Credit: erinmckennasbakery/ Instagram
New Vegan Bakery In Santa Monica? Be Prepared To Get Spoiled.

The second L.A. location in Montana Avenue is reportedly a significant upgrade as compared to the Larchmont Village venue branch and the other two, nationally. The new outlet will have banquet sitting arrangements along with eight table and chairs to accommodate. Her other bakeries have only bar sitting arrangements, in that contrast.

More to it

Not just the new Montana Avenue branch will be a significant upgrade in terms of accommodations, the menu has also received an overhaul. The breakfast menu will reportedly feature new dishes like pancakes, french toasts, and waffles, along with savories like roasted veggies, pizzas, salads and avocado toast among others.

Credit: erinmckennasbakery/ Instagram

The Santa Monica store will also offer vegan beer and wine with a selection, reportedly assorted by Ferdinando Mucerino, Rustic Canyon’s sommelier, who is a long time customer, the Los Angeles Times reports. What is your thought about the new vegan bakery in Santa Monica opening shortly?

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