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Orasana’s Wild Berry Flavored Vegan Chewable Probiotics For Kids

by | April 18, 2019

Orasana, headed by the award-winning periodontist, oral health expert and nutritionist, Dr. Sanda Moldovan, launches all-natural, wild berry flavored vegan chewable probiotics for kids. The product is aimed to help kids to fight cavities, which is arguably children’s most common chronic disease. Learn more here.

Orasana Announced Launch of Vegan Chewable Probiotics with Wild Berry Flavors
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Orasana Announced Launch of Vegan Chewable Probiotics with Wild Berry Flavors

In a press release, Orasana announced the launch of a vegan and all-natural oral probiotic for kids to help them fight cavities, a disorder kids suffer in great numbers. The chewable probiotic formula includes scientifically implemented beneficial bacteria strains that will help in aiding healthy teeth and gums, fight bad breath, reduce plaque and also help with throat and sinuses.

The product will be 100% vegan certified, without any gluten, GMO ingredients or soy, and it will be free from any harmful chemicals and preservatives. The vegan chewable probiotics will be sugar-free, as well.

“I dreamed that one day we could lower the risk of cavities just by simply changing the oral environment with probiotics, and that day has arrived. Studies have shown that chewable probiotics can significantly lower the risk of cavities and protect children from oral health risks,” said award-winning periodontist, Dr. Sanda Moldovan.

Dr. Moldovan said sugar is the main culprit behind cavities as it encourages growth of a certain bacteria that causes tooth decay. The Wild Berry oral probiotics are sweetened naturally with xylitol, meeting the children’s sugar cravings while preventing cavities. The company mentions in the press release that the chewable probiotics melt on kid’s tongues, thereby attacking the bad bacteria in the mouth.

Vegan Sources of Calcium

There is no doubt that children often suffer from cavities. To fight the odds, alongside a visit to the dentist, preventive measures like probiotics and adequate calcium can help. As a vegan, you can ensure your kids consume tofu, soybean products, broccoli, bok choy, nut milk of choice, and many other vegan sources of calcium to prevent cavities and establish overall oral health. What do you think about the vegan chewable probiotics? Let me know in the comments below.

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