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Participate In the World’s First Vegan Photo Essay Competition

by | June 13, 2019

Who said you have to be a writer to strike a great, engaging, heart-touching or an impactful narrative? The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, occurring in October, is a celebration of veganism on screens. This year is their 2nd annual event, and the organizers have arranged for what they’re claiming to be the world’s first vegan photo essay competition. Does the idea sound intriguing? Know more here.

Vegan Photo Essay Competition
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The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival to Host the World’s First Vegan Photo Essay Competition

The Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival or OIVFF was inaugurated last year as a ‘trailblazing’ event celebrating veganism, and an environmentally-friendly, compassionate, and healthier lifestyle. This is their second year holding the event, which according to the organization is the only of its kind in the world.

The vegan film festival is scheduled to take place on October 6, 2019, in Ottawa, Canada. It will showcase feature-length and short films based on vegan themes by filmmakers across the globe. According to the company, last year there were 28 films from 8 countries, and this year they claim to break the record.

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This year’s OIVFF has special bling in store for vegan enthusiasts and photographers. The film festival organization, headed by Festival Director Shawn Stratton, have announced a vegan photo essay competition and will accept submissions until August 31, 2019.

What is the Vegan Photo Essay Competition?

Much like a written essay, this version relies on the visual narrative via a collection of pictures portraying a story to the viewers. The idea is simple, yet highly engaging- “a photo essay is a collection of images that tell a story and propel a narrative over multiple images,” explains OIVFF Director Stratton in a statement. He added, “photo essays often create a series of emotions in the viewer and are a powerful way to tell a story without relying heavily on text.”

Harnessing this competition, participants will have the chance to covey the best vegan-themed story in a 3-5 still photo sequence, and showcasing the best is the goal of the competition.

More About the Formalities for Entry

A participant is required to submit their photo essay covering any topic related to veganism. Participants can submit their essay in the following categories: lifestyle, health, and nutrition, animal welfare, or environmental protection.

Through this photo contest, running in parallel to the original film festival, Director Shawn Stratton seeks to support the global community of vegan photographers by giving them a platform and awarding them for their efforts. To submit photos for the photo essay competition click here or visit this page. Stratton notes-

“All entries will be viewed prior to the Festival by a pre-selection Committee chaired by the Festival Director and Programming Director. Finalists chosen by this Committee will be screened by an appointed international jury.”

Shawn Stratton via press release

To participate in the contest, your level of photography skill doesn’t matter; as long as the pictures are related to veganism. Welcoming all vegan-themed photographs from around the world! New submissions are due by August 31, 2019.

On the same note, for a vegan feature or short fiction and non-fiction films – the current opening for submissions was previously announced. There are four categories for vegan films. To submit a film click here or visit this page.

What do you think about the photo essay contest? Will you be participating? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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