Plant Based Protein Sources

by | January 13, 2018

Plant Based Protein is the Future

As a vegan, we face the question, “Where do you get your protein?” On a daily basis, we are explaining that you don’t need animals as a Protein source and that the old myth about plant based protein not being complete has been debunked.

So What Plant Based Protein Source is the best?

Lentils (1 cup of cooked lentil is 18 grams of protein)

Lentils should 100% replace red meat in all diets, as vegans we don’t consume meat but for relatives and friends that do, explain the health benefits of plant protein. One cup has almost 37 percent of your daily value of iron. Not to mention the 16 grams of fiber, which is an important aspect for your health.

Edamame (1 cup of edamame is 17 grams of protein)

Along with protein, edamame is another rich source of fiber. One cup provides almost 9 grams, the amount you would find in a few slices of bread. This is a tasty snack to get a boost of protein and other nutritional benefits in your day.

Hemp seeds (3 tablespoons is 10 grams of protein)

This seed contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. As well as a huge boost of protein. These little seeds add a health boost to any baked good, smoothie, or snack! You won’t even taste it. These other overlooked superfoods are another great way to boost health.

Peas (1 cup of green peas is 8 grams of protein)

Peas are one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Peas contain a lot of lutein, an antioxidant that can help heart health by lowering cholesterol and preventing plaque buildup. Add them to stir fry or a green smoothie and reap the benefits!

Potato (1 large potato is 7 grams of protein)

Potatoes get a bad rap as a starchy carb. But if you prepare a potato without loads of cream and butter, you have a very nutritious vegetable: one low in fat but high in vitamin C and potassium and a surprising amount of protein!

Spinach (1 cup of cooked spinach is 5 grams of protein)

This leafy green is like a multivitamin in vegetable form. Spinach is a wonderful source of vitamin K (one of the most important nutrients for bone health), vitamin A, and vitamin C. Green protein!

Peanut Butter (2 tablespoons = 8 grams of protein)

Peanut Butter has the perfect combination of protein and fiber to keep you full and satisfied. Additionally, one serving of this rich-tasting goodness has tons of vitamin E, vitamin B6, and potassium.

If you feel like you need extra assistance getting the protein you need and could use meal ideas, Ask A Plant Based Dietitian is a Facebook group that gives it’s members 24/7 access to registered dietitians and affordable meal planning options.

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