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Ramen noodles with Mushroom And Broccoli in Delicate Coconut milk Gravy

by | May 7, 2019

Instant Ramen is an instant hit when it comes to a quick grab. But you can also prepare a full-fledged meal with instant ramen by using some goodly ingredients. A bowl of slurpy ramen soup with some vegan sides will lit up if you’re feeling down. This recipe is delicately creamy, thanks to coconut milk gravy and a nutty undertone are simply worth having, thanks to broccoli. Read on to find the recipe.

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Ramen noodles with Mushroom And Broccoli in Delicate Coconut milk Gravy


  • Vegan Ramen: 1 packet of your choice.
  • Tomato puree: 1 tablespoon
  • Broccoli– a small bowl of florets
  • Ginger: Grated; 1 teaspoon
  • Mushrooms: a few of your choice
  • Coconut milk– 1 cup
  • Salt and Pepper– for seasoning


Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Add a dash of olive oil. Add the ginger. Sautee until it releases the aroma. Add in the tomato puree. Sauté some more. Now add in the mushroom. Sautee till it releases moisture.

At this point add in the ramen. Put the seasoning/tastemaker that comes with it. Add enough water to boil the noodles. Add in the coconut milk so that the ramen can cook in it and the mushroom and broccoli can soak up the flavor.

When cooked to perfection, turn down the flame. Some people like it soupy while some like it a bit on the drier side. Add or reduce water according to your preference. And your ramen is ready. Enjoy with your favorite vegan sides or toppings.

The trick to traditional ramen is the broth. So in this recipe, you will find the subtle taste of coconut milk infused with the earthy flavor of the mushroom and broccoli.

Do try this amazing recipe and let us know of the changes that you made to suit your taste. Also, let us know in comments below which side dish you had the same with.

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