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Second Trimester Loveliness – AKA The Honeymoon Trimester

by | March 21, 2019

The second trimester is called the honeymoon trimester for a good reason. For most women, the second trimester sees the end of morning sickness and exhaustion, giving them more energy and back to feeling like their old selves.

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For many women, the second trimester is the easiest of the three trimesters. Morning sickness starts to subside and may even disappear altogether. There are so many wonderful firsts happening during the second trimester that make it the most enjoyable three months of pregnancy.

The morning sickness fades.

For most women, morning sickness will start to fade by week sixteen. This can bring a lot of relief and a whole new outlook on pregnancy to those who were constantly nauseous and queasy for the first three months.

You’ll finally have a baby bump.

One of the most anticipated moments of your pregnancy will finally happen in the second trimester. No longer will you look like you’ve been eating too much cake, you’ll finally have a noticeable little baby bump. For a lot of women, this is the fun part, where they get to start wearing cute maternity clothes to show off their growing bump.

You can find out if you are having a boy or a girl.

Somewhere around the twenty-week mark, your doctor will schedule an ultrasound. Your baby’s anatomy should be developed enough for the ultrasound technician to tell you the sex. Some women decide not to find out and keep it a surprise. For me personally, finding out the sex of my babies was a great bonding experience.

You’ll finally get to feel your baby move.

Another milestone moment you’ve been waiting on is about to happen. Sometime during the second trimester, you’ll start to experience what feels like butterfly flutters or tiny gas bubbles in your tummy. Guess what? This is actually you feeling your sweet baby move, this is known as quickening. You will also start to feel little twitches in your belly as baby gets the hiccups a lot, and you may even be able to see your tummy twitch along with it.

The second trimester is full of amazing firsts and milestones, and that’s why it’s known as the honeymoon trimester. What was your favorite first during the second trimester? Please tell us in the comments below.

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