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Starbucks Vegan Dragon Drink to be Launched in the US and Canada

by | May 1, 2019

No. ‘Dragon Drink-‘ Starbuck’s new vegan launch has nothing to do with Game of Thrones. Just that folks who love to flaunt Starbucks check-ins on social media with glamourous drinks in front, can do the same all the more. The coffee chain has launched a new non-dairy drink that’d taste equally good as it’d look on your social media posts. And, yes- the vegan demand grows. Know more here.

Starbucks vegan dragon drink
Credit: @Starbucks/ Twitter
Starbucks vegan dragon drink

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Starbucks Vegan Dragon Drink to be Launched in the US and Canada

Last year, Starbucks launched a ‘Mango-Dragonfruit Refresher’ a limited-edition, extremely pretty looking drink that gained fame for its Instagrammable qualities and of course taste. Crafted with diced and frozen dragon-fruits, fruit juice blend and water. It was a limited-edition product and creative customers put a spin on it, opting creamy coconut milk instead of water, turning the already delicious drink into something more lip-licking and adding the photogenic pink hue to it. And the same apparently looks like have inspired Starbucks to put the new, fruity coconutty concoction in their permanent menu for summers.

Starbucks Vegan 'Dragon Drink' to be Launched in the US and Canada
Credit: @angeleyes0923/ Twitter
Starbucks vegan dragon drink

Dubbed ‘Dragon Drink’ the new delicious dragon fruit is coconut milk based, and the pink-hued non-dairy drink is similarly photogenic as its early brethren. The use of creamy coconut milk changes the flavor profile and hence the popularity. Starbucks writes on its official website

“(…) It’s a tropical, crave-able combination of fruity and creamy refreshment.”

Customers, as a part of the Summer Menu, can still get the original
Starbucks vegan dragon drink fruit and mango refresher.

Vegan Demand Grows

Starbucks has come up as a brand that really cares for their customer’s feedback. Not surprisingly, in keeping up with the vegan demand, the coffee giant offers a number of plant-based milk to customers, like the vegan Frappuccinos made of almond-milks. Similar to this ‘Dragon Drink,’ in 2017 another came up as an Instagram sensation after customers opted for Açai Refresher, replacing the water in the drink with creamy coconut milk. Starbucks added the same to the official menu as well. It is known that Starbuck has an even better plant-based menu outside the US, like the vegan mac and cheese, among others in the UK.

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When do you plan to click yourself with the Starbucks vegan dragon drink? Which is your favorite vegan Starbucks’ product? Let me know in comments.

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