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Vegan Just Eggs Now Available at Bareburger and Silver Diner Locations

by | April 18, 2019

The plant-based egg maker’s “Just Eggs” (a scrambled egg alternative) is rolling out at the American chain Bareburger, in both wrap and burger iteration at all its 34 US locations. The product will also be available at Silver Diner locations in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Credit: @justforall/ Twitter


Vegan Just Eggs to roll out in Bareburger and Silver Diner Locations

Just (vegan) Egg is a scrambled egg alternative that is made to cook, taste and look like eggs but sourced from plants, not animals. The product is entirely plant-based and is crafted with ingredients like mung bean protein isolate, canola oil, gums, seasonings and water. Their products have recently seen an upward push in sales as compared to traditional eggs and are rolling out at retailers like Whole Foods Market and Sprouts nationwide this spring, after doing very well in Albertsons, Safeway and Savemart, as reported by Food Navigator USA.


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At Bareburger, customers can order their “Wake-Up Call” burger that will be available all day and will reportedly be prepared with the Just Egg baked patty. Their baked patty is even touted as containing more protein than conventional eggs. Bareburger’s Wake-Up Call burgers will be coupled with American cheese, Beyond Meat quarter pounder, brioche buns and mayo. If a wrap sounds more appealing, you can order the “Get On Up,” which will feature Just Egg along with baby spinach, black bean salsa and other ingredients wrapped in flour tortillas.

Silver Diner

At Silver Diner, the mid-Atlantic restaurant chain will be offering the “Just Eggs Benedict;” an extremely delectable combination of their vegan eggs, chopped tempeh, baby spinach, roasted tomatoes and smoky mayo on toasted sourdough with vegan cheese sauce, reported Food Navigator USA. You can also get Just Egg substitution to other conventional dishes.

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So many vegan options already and yet another. Do note that Just Eggs are far away from the carbon footprint created by conventional egg production. What do you think about the rolling out of the “just-egg-but-not-eggs” products in the U.S. Bareburger locations? Let me know in the comments below.

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