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Vegan Meat Brand ‘Before The Butcher’ To Make Its Debut In The US Retail

by | June 5, 2019

Plant-based meat company ‘Before the Butcher’ plans for a breakthrough launch in the US retail, harnessing three of the nation’s largest retail outlets. Perhaps offering another product for vegans to choose from. Learn more about the vegan meat brand’s latest announcement here.

Credit: @B4theButcher/ Twitter

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Vegan Meat Brand ‘Before The Butcher’ To Make Its Debut In The US Retail

Before the Butcher’ was launched in 2017 by a former Beyond Meat sales worker. In 2017, Danny O’Malley went on to pursue his own plant-based meat company. Last year, the California-based veganized meat maker launched products like grounds, chunks, and vegan burgers in various events such as stadiums, colleges, and movie sets. Now they’re seeking to make their presence felt in the retail world.

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Credit: @B4theButcher/ Twitter

According to Foodnavigator-USA, Before the Butcher plans to hit the market through harnessing three of the biggest supermarkets in the US. At the forefront, the company will use its ‘Uncut’ branding. As per the report, four of the company’s burgers will be featured in two out of the three biggest retail channels in the nation. By August the products can be found in all three major American retail outlets; entailing the 3000 plus retail footprint of the company.

Why Uncut?

As per the report, Before the Butcher uses a secret NON-GMO soy protein concentrate as their core ingredient in products like the vegan meat based beefless burgers, breakfast sausages, savory chicken burgers, and roasted turkey burgers. Speaking about the Uncut offering, according to O’Malley, their product has ‘a lot less sodium’ in them compared to the popular ‘Beyond’ and ‘Impossible’ products, despite having a ‘satisfying taste and texture.’ The products would also be comparatively cheaper by 8-10%.

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In terms of funding, the company as of now is reportedly in business with investors in San Diego and are involved in a multimillion-dollar deal. “But we plan to be profitable very quickly without having to raise tens of millions of dollars,” stated O’Malley.

What do you think about this new upcoming brand in stores? Which is your favorite vegan meat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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