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Vegan Members at Oxford University Urged to Rate Colleges Based on Food

by | May 6, 2019

In a step forward to serve adequacy on the plates of vegetarians and vegan members at Oxford University, alongside improving clarity on foods in choosing a college, members are being urged to rank the same based on parameters like availability of quality plant-based foods in their campuses. Know more about the step here.

Vegan Members at Oxford University
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Vegan Members at Oxford University Urged to Rate Colleges Based on the Availability of Plant-Based Food

Vegan and vegetarian members of Oxford University have been asked to rate the colleges on the basis of vegan and vegetarian food availability and its quality. From a recent statement shared to Raise vegan, it is learned that The Oxford University Animals Ethics Society is pioneering the step to enlighten vegans and veggies about the availability of plant-based food inside the colleges. The voting opens officially on 6th May and closes at 30th November this year.

According to the statement, the initiative has been scheduled via the popular college ranking platform-Norrington Table that ranks colleges based on examination results. The same is now ready to host the ranking that would now rank colleges based on veggie and vegan food availability. The step is being pioneered by the Oxford University Animal Ethics Society to increase transparency for vegan and vegetarian students.

Concerns on Provition of Plant-based Food in Oxford

The measures to rank colleges based on food have been taken especially to cater to the plant-based food eaters after many members of the society reportedly raised concerns over the ‘varying provision of vegetarian and vegan food’ in Oxford. Therefore the step; the college bursars will be requested to state if or not their college have vegan and vegetarian train chefs, a routine supply of vegan and veggie foods and if they provide sample menus.

Felix Taylor of St Hugh’s College, president of the Society and a second year DPhil student in English has been a vegan for three years. He said in the statement-

“Many members of the Society have expressed concern about the varying provision of vegetarian and vegan food. We want to put the need for good quality veggie food on the agenda in Oxford.”

Felix Taylor via Press Release
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Vegan Members at Oxford University Urged to Rate Colleges Based on Food

Speaking about the importance of quality plant-based food availability in college premises Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, who also happens to be the Society’s Emeritus Senior Member has been quoted as saying that although Oxford is a place known for excellence, the vegetarian fare is ‘barely adequate,’ he said, adding that they believe ‘quality of provision of veggie food’ is responsible for ‘prospective student’s choice of colleges.’ He also stated that since students mostly don’t have an alternative but to pay for meals at college, “it seems only right that they should know whether the food served up will be adequate.”

In a last similar poll from 2016, Mansfield College topped the list. The Oxford University Animal Ethics Society in an independent center, founded in 2007 provides a forum for discussing the moral status of animals. What do you think about the initiative? Do you like the idea of having vegan members at Oxford University rate colleges on the basis of availability of vegan and vegetarian food? Let me know in comments.

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