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3 Vegan AirBnb Breakfasts That Don’t Suck

by | January 4, 2019

Airbnb, a home sharing service launched in 2008, has become the preferential accommodation for travelers in comparison to hostels and hotels in recent years. Vegan Airbnb breakfasts can be a perfect extension to your holidays. Not only can you find a variety of full homes, rooms, and couches to lodge you during your travels, but it’s a great way to keep your sanity after spending days, or even weeks, in hotel rooms that all look and feel the same. A great thing to expect from Airbnb is access to a kitchen (depending on your host, of course). Cooking at least one meal a day while traveling is a great way to cut down on costs as well as any possible stress when it comes to finding a restaurant to suit your needs. Here are my three go-to vegan Airbnb breakfasts with minimal ingredients, minimal effort, and maximum taste that you can make in your Airbnb.

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3 Vegan Airbnb Breakfasts With Minimal Effort

Banana Pancakes

Whether I’m at home or in Ireland, banana pancakes are a staple for a delicious breakfast that all members of the family will enjoy. With your only necessary ingredients being over-ripened bananas (which will give you natural sugar), flour, and non-dairy milk, this makes for a simple vegan airbnb meal. Additionally, you can add cinnamon, rolled oats, and/or berries to the mix if you have a wonderful host with these ingredients already stocked. Cook your batter with oil in a pan and top with fresh fruit from the market, locally made jam or maple syrup if you’re feeling fancy. Don’t have a stove? You can easily use this recipe to make a banana mug cake in the microwave (just be sure to oil up the inside your mug beforehand).

Potatoes O’ Brien

Fried potatoes are already a vegan’s best friend, so here’s a great excuse to eat them for breakfast. Arm yourself with bell peppers (I use a trio of red, yellow and green), any potato of your choosing, and onion to make this dish. Fry the potatoes as you normally would and cook in the bell peppers and onion with them, not skimping out on any seasoning that your host may have available to you. With a side of avocado toast and a tall glass of fresh orange juice, you’ll be ready to embark on whatever journey is on your agenda!

Fruit Salad

Never underestimate how delicious and diverse a fruit salad can be, this isn’t just an option for our raw vegan friends! Taking place nearly every Saturday all throughout Western Europe, you can find beautiful produce markets with locally-sourced fruits and vegetables all at a very low cost no matter where you are traveling to. Bring reusable tote bags to store your fruit in while shopping to avoid using plastic. After washing the fruit very well back at your Airbnb, chop and enjoy! To add even more flavor, you can top your fruit salad with freshly squeezed lemon or mix in a hearty amount of almonds. The best vegan Airbnb breakfast ever!

What is your go-to breakfast while traveling? Let me know in the comments below.


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