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Costco to Host Exclusive Launch of Don Lee Farms Vegan Products

by | May 10, 2019

The American multinational corporation, Costco, that operates as a chain of the membership-based warehouse is set to host the launch of two new products this summer. Coming from California based Don Lee Farms that will be completely plant-based. Know more here.

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Don Lee Farms Vegan Products, Coming Exclusively to Costco

If you happen to be a Costco member, you’ll be happy to know that two new vegan products are launching exclusively at Costco, one of America’s well-known chain of member-only warehouse clubs. The California based frozen food maker is bringing two fully vegan products to the market and is supposed to go on sale starting this summer. With the inevitable rise of vegan products, Costco getting its own to showcase certainly doesn’t come as a big surprise. Nonetheless, it is indeed very happy news.

Credit: @donleefarms/ Facebook

The two products in question- veggie burger and veggie bites are reportedly coming exclusively at Costco, thanks to Don Lee Farms. The California based food maker a few weeks back shared a post on Facebook, proclaiming the launch of the two new vegan, gluten-free products and now the time is even closer. The patty used will be made of a vegan formula that will reportedly have as much as two third cups serving of vegetables alongside other ingredients like sunflower seeds. It is also known that the two new offerings will replace the present fresh deli section at Costco. The products will also be free from GMO, artificial ingredients and organic certified.

Vegan Burger Over Traditional

Just recently, Beyond Meat slew their IPO with groundbreaking values by any plant-based meat company. This is just the tip of an iceberg called veganism. Speaking about plant-based burgers, with the advent of companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, the market is revolutionized. Experts barely recognize the difference, thanks to impossible whoppers. Big brands like KFC and Burger King have their vegan burger offering and they’re hit. Therefore the upcoming launch by Don Lee Farms will surely do great. In fact, according to Cooking Light, last year their veggie burger at Costco did ‘really well’ alongside leading competitors.

What do you think about the new launch just in time for the barbeque seasons? Let me know your thought in comments.

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