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Life Saving Things All Kids Should Know

by | April 24, 2019

Even at a young age, it’s important to have a conversation with your children about safety. Accidents, emergencies and the worst may happen so it’s essential to teach your children what to do if these scenarios do occur. Here are three simple yet life saving things to teach to your children, both young and old.

Life Saving Things All Kids Should Know
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Life Saving Things All Kids Should Know

Basic First-Aid

Very basic first-aid is an important skill for not only you but for your children to know. Teaching your children how to properly wash, disinfect and bandage a wound (even if it’s only a small papercut) is a great habit to instill from a young age. For very minor injuries, this is something they can do themselves with your supervision. Along with this, you can take a class as a family on CPR if your children are old enough as this is a lifelong skill that is always handy to have.

Emergency Phone Numbers

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Life Saving Things All Kids Should Know

Even if your children can only memorize a few important numbers (yours, a trusted relative’s and 911), having a list of all other important numbers available to them can be a life-saving choice. With everything from poison control to the local police department to Auntie’s work, having a well-organized and easy-to-read list in a location that everybody in the family knows is a household essential. Of course, make sure that your child also knows how to make phone calls in case of an emergency! Most smartphones have an “emergency call” option so you would be able to make a call without having a phone’s passcode.

Trusted Neighbor

Establishing a strong relationship with a nearby neighbor is an important part of any support system. With a trusted neighbor available, having your child know that they could rush over in case of emergency if you are not available is vital. I remember one time when I was a kid, I was riding my bike and fell in a rose bush (I still have the scars from it today) and as my parents were out, it was my close neighbor that was able to fix me up and take care of me.

Which of these life saving things have you already taught to your children? Do you have any others to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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