Credit: No Evil Foods

No Evil Foods to Take Over Kroger Shelves

by | May 17, 2019

Your favorite supermarket chain, Kroger, is on the way to continue catering to the plant-based community with the help of No Evil Foods, a company based in North Carolina with an awesome mission of bringing plant-based “meat” to not only the vegan community but to the general public. Excited to see some of their products on the shelves of your local Kroger? Keep reading to learn more about the brand and what products you should be seeing soon.

The brand will be distributing 3 of their cult-classic products to Kroger stores- Comrade Cluck (a chicken alternative), The Stallion (an Italian sausage alternative), and El Zapatista (a chorizo alternative) leaving something for everyone.

no evil foods
Credit: No Evil Foods

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No Evil Foods to Take Over Kroger Shelves

The company is loud and clear about their mission that has 3 key focuses: sustainability, public health, and animal welfare. Bringing vegan eats to the public eye, they are sure to make an impact with their message. The company in its message says:

We’re a purpose-powered company focused on impacting environmental sustainability, public health, and animal welfare through better food choices.

Every bite you take of No Evil Foods helps build the resistance and supports its cause: to use food as a force for good because real change starts at the center of your plate.

Their products will be appearing in 1,000 different Kroger stores across the USA, in the South, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and also, California. Under the Kroger name, the company’s products will be making appearances in 400 Fred Meyers, Fry’s, Ralph’s, and QFC country-wide.

Credit: No Evil Foods

One of the reasons behind No Evil Food’s partnership with Kroger is making plant-based foods much more accessible to the general public. Accessibility for all is one of their missions as well.

Sharing the excitement over their partnership with Kroger, the brand’s VP of sales, Diana Buckel says:

As the largest US-based supermarket chain, it’s exciting to see proof that Kroger is following through with this exciting opportunity to offer foods that will sustain people and planet… we look forward to a very long, successful partnership.

Diana Buckel via press release

This isn’t the first plant-based brand we have seen working to further expand in order to reach the general public. From frozen pizzas by Goodfella’s to Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream, it’s great seeing more vegan brands come to the forefront.

Are you excited to be seeing No Evil Foods at your local Kroger? Which of their products are you the most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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