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Talking to Your Tween About Make-up, Few Dos And Don’ts

by | May 18, 2019

Wondering how to start a conversation about makeup with your teenager? Here are some tips on talking to your tween and making it a pleasant conversation for both.

Make-up is a great way to help people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s a full-glam look or something more natural, there’s no doubting the positive effects that make-up can have on someone’s mood.

There comes a time when the apple of your eyes may begin to ask about make-up, like when they can use it and if they “please, please, please” can borrow some of yours to wear. It may be difficult for you as a parent to make a decision but here are 5 easy tips on talking to your tween about make-up.

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Talking to Your Tween About Make-up, Few Dos And Don’ts

Let them know they’re beautiful as is

It’s important to let them know that they don’t need make-up to look a certain way, even if they think they do. Compliment them in a positive way. Instead of saying “You look so much better without a lot of make-up on your skin”, try saying, “Your natural skin looks so nice today!”

Understand why they want to wear make-up

Don’t just ask why they want to wear make-up, but really try to understand. Some may jump to the conclusion that it’s always to impress a crush and most of the time, that simply isn’t the reason. Whether your daughter wants to just bring a little “pop” to her eyes or if your son feels like he is more confident with his eyebrows filled in, understanding why they want to wear make-up can better help you to help them!

Go shopping for a few age-appropriate products of their own

Start small and buy a few, key products that they can have as their own. ELF beauty is cruelty-free and they have very affordable products stating age $1! My first products were clear eyebrow gel, mascara, and a tinted lip balm!

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Practice together

Turn make-up into something you and your tween can share together! Watch beauty gurus and try to replicate some of their looks to get some practice in. It’s not only fun but in the end, both of your make-up skills will be so much better.

Teach the importance of skincare

Wearing make-up is something that may affect their skin so it is important to teach them proper skin care to keep their skin as intact as possible. The number one rule to teach them is to NEVER fall asleep in their make-up!

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