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Vegan Food Surged in Popularity on GrubHub in 2018

by | December 13, 2018

GrubHub, the hugely popular virtual food delivery company has released their annual “Year in Food” report and it’s showing a huge trend in vegan food. More than sixteen million customers ordered from GrubHub this year and after analyzing the data of who ordered what, and when they ordered it; Grubhub discovered some surprising new trends.

The plant-based trend surged in popularity in 2018, earning top spots on the most popular food list, most ordered breakfast items, and even claiming a solid sixth place on the most ordered desserts list.

Bean burritos claimed the top spot in foods gaining in popularity in 2018 by 276%. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that cauliflower dishes also surged in popularity this year. With its versatility and health benefits, cauliflower was everywhere this year, from rice to pizza crusts. Coming in at numbers seven and ten this year are cauliflower rice bowls, up by 155% and buffalo cauliflower, up by 124%. Surprisingly, one thing that’s missing from this list is avocado toast, which was wildly popular in 2017. Last year you couldn’t open a magazine or watch a morning tv show without seeing something about avocado toast but this year it didn’t even make the top ten on GrubHub’s list.

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Is Vegan Food Taking Over?

While there are a few chicken and fish dishes that made list this year, red meat didn’t even get a look in. It seems that consumers are really jumping on the vegan food bandwagon.

Healthy breakfast dishes also proved to be a favorite this year with peanut butter acai bowls taking the tops spot as the most ordered breakfast item, increasing in popularity by 350%.  Detox juices came in at a close second, gaining in popularity by 193%, (I’d love to know what days they were most popular, I’m guessing Mondays).

When it came to America’s sweet tooth, brownies claimed the top spot on the dessert list this year with vegan brownies impressively making the list at number six, surging in popularity by 211%.

Do you order vegan food on GrubHub this year? Has it been easier this year to find tasty plant-based options than in previous years? Let us know in the comments below.

Edited to reflect year 2018, not 2108 as previously published.

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