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Aussie Burger Chain Grill’d Gets Mixed Reviews for Going Vegan for a Day

by | April 19, 2019

Last Monday, April 15th, Grill’d observed a 24 hour meat-off, cutting out meat entirely from their menu for the day. This was their way of motivating plant-based eating while also pushing their new plant-based Beyond Burgers. Seems like not everyone liked their one-day meat-free observance, whereas some said, “SOOOOOOOO GOOODDDDD.” Clearly the reviews are mixed.

Aussie Burger Chain Grill’d Gets Mixed Reviews for Going Vegan for a Day
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Burger Chain Grill’d face public backlash after going entirely plant-based for one day

Australia’s population is one of the most red-meat consuming demographics the world, but lately, just like many places globally, a lot of people (including carnivores) have taken to plant-based diet across Australia. The reason is varied, for some it is healthy, to others ethical, nonetheless more people are choosing plant-based. Recently, one of Australia’s famous burger chains, Grill’d, observed meatless-Monday, ditching meat completely for the day to proclaim their new plant-based menu and encourage customers to go plant-based. Little did Grill’d know that they’d be put in the position of choosing to be either a beef burger restaurant or vegan burger restaurant.

According to the NZ Herald, meat-eaters are not happy with the burger chain’s decision and some of them are even calling for a nationwide boycott of the company. One of Grill’d’s fans aimed at the company, accusing it of pushing what they’re calling a “vegan agenda” on its customers. Simon Crowe told 3AW radio:

“We’re trying to make people realize that you can have a burger in a healthy, guilt-free and contemporary fashion.

Aussie Burger Chain Grill’d Gets Mixed Reviews for Going Vegan for a Day
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Aussie Burger Chain Grill’d Gets Mixed Reviews for Going Vegan for a Day

“They’re actually not aimed at vegans, they’re aimed at carnivores who want to eat a little less meat,” said Simon Crowe.

“I Love you a little bit more”

People took to social media and censured the burger chains meatless Monday, one person proclaiming that even if the normal menu is returned from Tuesday, “I won’t be ever visiting again for pushing vegan onto people.” Whereas another wrote asking Grill’d to make up its mind, “either you’re a beef burger restaurant or vegan burger restaurant.”

Among the many backlashes, people also wholeheartedly complimented the move. One wrote, “Sweet- I’ll be there!” Another said, “I already loved you. But now I love you a little bit more.” One person even commented on the taste of Beyond Burger used in the menu: “the beyond burger is SOOOOOOOO GOOODDDDD.”

Burger chain Grill’d have mentioned their plans to go 50% vegan by 2020. Beyond Burger are plant-based burgers made of pea-protein and they even “bleed.” Perhaps another pointer to the growing preference of plant-based meat. What is your review on the major Aussie burger chain observing meatless Monday? Let me know in the comments.

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