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Award Winning Brand Oumph! Launches Vegan Barbeque Meat in North Europe

by | May 6, 2019

Just in time, ahead of the season of barbeque, award-winning vegan food makers Oumph! is set to launch three mouth-watering variety of plant-based meat products. Know more about the vegan barbeque meat here.

Vegan Barbeque Meat
Credit: @eat_oumph/ Twitter

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Oumph! Set to Launch New Vegan Barbeque Meat Alternatives in Northern Europe

The three new products- ‘The Oumph! Burger,’ ‘Oumph! Mince’ and the ‘Sticky Smokehouse Oumph!’ are launching in ICA, Bergendahls and Axfood stores, Sweden at 6th May, reports Vegconomist. The multiple-award-winning brand- Oumph! is launching the three barbeque vegan meat alternatives just ahead of barbeque season in Northern Europe. The company has earlier gained recognition during the vegan boom in Scandinavia where veganism became a trend owing to climate change and animal welfare.

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The three new products launching in Sweden this May 6th will be available in Axfood, Bergendahls, and ICA, followed by the launch in Nordic nations in both food services and retails. The vegan barbeque meat product will also be launched in Britain and Ireland.

An Award Winning Oomph called- Oumph!

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Oumph! is a vegan food maker that believes in tasty food without harming the environment. The company employs principal plant proteins like soybeans, organic herbs among other ingredients and its products are rich in folic acid and iron. The company’s plant-based offerings are devoured in Nordic nations and Sweden since launch back in 2015, and the products even crossed borders to land in UK’s famous retailer- Tesco along with stores in 16 countries worldwide. The company sells different variants of plant-based meat products.

Vegan Boom in Europe

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The European markets (the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and England in particular) have seen a tremendous shift to a plant-based diet in the past few years like few other western markets like that of the US. An increasing number of people have been adopting vegan foods for reasons both ethics and climate along with health that has on the hindsight given a push to the alternative food market in Europe.

Speaking about the Northern Europe, a last year’s report published by Nordic Council of Ministers titled- ‘A Nordic Guide to Sustainable Food Policy‘ reflected that millennials, especially in Sweden among other countries of the Nordic region, are ditching meat for health and environmental reasons in huge numbers.

Have you ever tasted any Oumph! product? Are you excited for the vegan barbeque meat? Let me know in comments.

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