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Dairy to Plant-Based Cheese- How to Help Your Vegan Kids Make the Change

by | May 26, 2019

Wondering about how to cut dairy cheese from your kid’s diet? Here are a few pointers on helping your vegan kids make the change.

While making the change from either an omnivore or vegetarian diet to vegan, one of the most challenging things that people of all ages cut out? Dairy cheese. Not only is it a favorite of most kids, but it actually has been proven to be addictive, even with a doctor going as far as to call it “dairy crack”.

Luckily enough, now there are many non-dairy cheese options on the market, whereas but even just 5 years ago, it wasn’t as accessible or revolutionary as it is now. Are you looking for tips on how to help your vegan kids successfully cut out cheese from their diet? Continue reading to get advice on how to successfully eliminate it.

Dairy to Plant-Based Cheese- How to Help Your Vegan Kids Make the Change
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Dairy to Plant-Based Cheese- How to Help Your Vegan Kids Make the Change

Fast from dairy cheese before making the switch

When I first jumped from dairy to non-dairy cheese, I remember how hard of a time I had since the difference (at the time, keep in mind the only vegan cheese really on the market at that time was Daiya) was like night and day. Have your kids take a short cheese “fast” before making the switch to vegan cheese in order to help them almost forget the taste and texture of traditional dairy cheese that they may be used to.

Replace cheese with other different foods

While on your cheese “fast” or if you’re out of stock of vegan cheese, replace the cheese with other items in your cooking. Making a sandwich for your kids to take to school? With enough hummus, guacamole, and veggies, they won’t even miss the cheese. Are your kids asking for pizza? Make a cheese-less one loaded with all of their favorite veggies and even some vegan barbecue sauce.

Make what your kids already like… sans dairy cheese

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Now that your kids have had some time spent apart from dairy cheese, recreate all of their favorites now using dairy-free, vegan cheese! Whether they’re in the mood for cheesy favorites such as pizza, nachos, quesadillas, lasagna, or a panini, you can successfully recreate the food in a vegan fashion.

Research what vegan cheese works best for your dish

Not all (vegan) cheeses are made equal- some work better for certain type of dishes as compared to others. This is where the lovely world of the internet comes in! I’ll make it easy for you. Sandwiches? Choose Chao’s. Cheesy pizza? mix Violife and Follow Your Heart. Mac and Cheese? Make your own cheesy sauce at home!

Make your own vegan cheese as a family

Making vegan cheese at home can be a fun process that the whole family can join in on. You can find tutorials on YouTube showing you how to make delicious cashew cheeses at home.

How did you successfully cut out dairy cheese from your vegan kids’ life? What tips do you have to share wit, other parents, hoping to do the same? Let me know in the comments below.

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