Foods To Increase Your Kid’s Protein Intake And Recipes They’re Sure To Love

by | July 23, 2019

Try these ingredients and recipes to boost the protein in your child’s diet.

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Last week, we reported that the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) was urging vegan parents to ensure their kids got enough protein.

It seemed the best course of action was to follow that up with some practical tips on how to make that happen.

What follows is a guide to some of the most protein-dense vegan foods, and how to use them!



Different kinds of beans have different amounts of protein, and different amino acids, but all of them pack a mean protein punch.

While red kidney beans have around 24g of protein per 100g, chickpeas have roughly 19. Lupin beans, however, are an ultra-dense source with a whopping 36g of protein per 100g.

Eating a variety of beans can help to ensure you and your kids are packing protein into a healthy, plant-based diet.

Here are some recipes that will help you get more beans in, and leave you feeling satisfied.

  1. These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers are a hit with kids big and small.
  2. Chickpea pancakes are a sneaky way to get more beans in, without sacrificing on fun.
  3. Baked beans always seem to be a hit with the kids.
  4. Tacos are a fun and delicious way to get beans into the mix.
  5. Hummus, always a vegan staple, is perfect when paired with veggie sticks, apples, or rice crisps.

Tofu and Tempeh

Soy-based wonders, tofu and tempeh may be a little trickier to get the kids to try, granted, but they pack enough protein to make it well worth the effort.

While tofu has about 8g of protein per 100g, tempeh has approximately 19.

Here are some kid friendly tofu and tempeh recipes your family is sure to love.

  1. Crunchy Tempeh Tenders are a fun way to disguise tempeh.
  2. Teriyaki Tofu Lettuce Wraps are not only delicious, but super healthy.


Lentils are extremely high in protein, at 26g per 100g.

Here are some tasty dishes to help you get lentils into your child’s diet.

  1. Lentil Pasta Salad, or any lentil pasta dish. Alternative pastas made from lentils, black beans, and adzuki beans are an easy way to disguise healthy foods in a form that kids enjoy.
  2. Lentil soup is a delicious, and an easy route to incorporating more legumes into your diet.

According to BNF, children only need two servings of protein per day which, by measure the Cleveland Clinic, works out to between 19 and 52g, depending on your child’s age and sex. You can find the full details here.

What high-protein foods do you feed your children? Let us know in the comments below.


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