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Hi-Tech Start-up to Launch Non-Soy Vegan Baby Formula

by | July 1, 2019

Award-winning, high-tech vegan baby formula maker Else Nutrition has announced they are going to launch a “revolutionary” non-soy dairy alternative formula for babies. The company just recently secured $7.5 million CAD in TSX Venture Exchange. Know more about their offering here.

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High-tech Vegan Baby Formula Maker- Else Nutrition to Launch New Non-Soy Version

Following years of Research and Development, Israel-based Else Nutrition was established last year. The company founded by veterans of the infant formula market received the “Best Health and Diet Solutions” award at the Global Food Innovation Summit occurring in Milan in May 2017.

Now, the company announces in a press release that in their recent trading at the TSX Venture Exchange, exposed them to the well-regards of Canadian investors. And the company has had a huge 176% rise in its debut trading. Specifically, investment of $ 7.5 million CAD was raised by Canaccord Genuity Inc at the trading.

High-tech Vegan Baby Formula Maker- Else Nutrition to Launch New Non-Soy Version

Now the company is set to launch their 100% plant-based and soy-free baby formula as a true alternative to the dairy-based one. The protein from cow milk has been dominant in the baby food industry for over 100 years and now Else Nutrition seeks to revolutionize the industry with their 100% vegan offering that can out-and-out compete with the traditional one, sans the demerits.

The soy-free formula is crafted without the use of any purified oil blends and is made from 100% plant-based sources like almond and buckwheat. Goes without saying the baby formula will be absolutely free from dairy and will also come without hormones, GMO, gluten, and antibiotics.

Gold Standard

What is even better, according to the company their patented baby formula meets the golden standard of breast milk at the product will be suitable for lactose intolerance, allergic or any other sensitivities to food. The company claims its product has a very little footprint on the environment. Else Nutrition has been reportedly granted a patent in the US, Israel, Japan, Australia, and Eurasia, with pending patent in 50 other countries.

High-tech Vegan Baby Formula Maker- Else Nutrition to Launch New Non-Soy Version

Co-founder and CEO of Else Nutrition said: “We are thrilled by the warm welcome we have received from the market and investment community.”

As of the launch, plans are to hit the shelves with powder and liquid options in the 2nd quarter of 2020 in the US market. Their plant-based dairy alternative will be reportedly targeted initially to vegan mom and babies or them with allergies.

The company looks promising with their patented “revolutionary” dairy alternative for babies that is medically endorsed by pediatric experts as well. What do you think about the new non-soy version? Comment below.

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