Credits: @katyperry/ Twitter and taylorswift/ Instagram

Katy Perry Rocks the ‘BEEF-free’ Costume, This time In Taylor Swift’s Video

by | June 18, 2019

In the new Taylor Swift music video called You Need To Calm Down, the Impossible Foods-backing Katy Perry rocked with Taylor Swift, in the same vegan burger costume, she wore at Met Gala. The video is a voice for the LGBTQ rights, and the two stars made the end together, merging their friendship with the core of the video theme, seamlessly. Keep reading to find out more.

katy perry
Credits: @katyperry/ Twitter and taylorswift/ Instagram

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Katy Perry Wore the Same Impossible Foods Burger Costume in Taylor Swift’s Latest Music Video

Katy and Taylor Swift were reportedly tied in a feud with each other regarding issues concerning background dancers, but the duo pop-superstars have officially ended the fight. Now, in Taylor Swift’s latest music video that released last Monday, Katy could be seen gracing the screen in a cameo appearance, and guess what she was wearing? Most probably and apparently the same vegan burger costume, in which she rocked this year’s, Met Gala.

Ask how do we know? Well, both Katy Perry and Taylor (who was french fries in the music video) shared screenshots in their respective handles, and Katy, in her part wrote “This meal is BEEF-free” followed by a hashtag MeatFreeMondays. Whereas the word ‘BEEF-free’ might sound equivocal in the light of their now wrapped-up beef, nonetheless the hashtag was unmissable. Their screenshots had both the superstars adorably hugging each other, as a part of the video’s ending. Watch the video below.

“A Positive Turn”

Speaking about the feud that they were into, Taylor Swift, speaking at the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, said that their reconciliation had been ‘a positive turn’ on her life, the BBC reports. She stated-

“I asked her if she’d be interested in this and Katy said, ‘I’d love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.

“I feel the same way about it.”

Taylor Swift via

Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” voices for the LGBTQ rights. And Katy’s cameo in the video apparently has enough undercurrent messages to discover. For instance, her mention of “BEEF-free” is apparently indicative to their end of ‘beef,’ (alongside the obvious and actual beef-free interpretation) and not to forget Taylor’s caption that read “a happy meal.”Taylor Swift reportedly revealed the end of the video was brainstormed together by her and Perry.

Katy Perry, in this year’s Met Gala, went becoming a vegan burger, as she tagged Impossible Foods in her Instagram. She may not be a vegan herself, but the last November she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she was taking more plant-based food. What do you think about this story? Share your thoughts in comments.

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