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Practicing Healthy Habits When Pregnant, and Sticking To Them

by | December 18, 2018

To actually make another human in your body is beyond magical. Although it’s not all roses and smiles, pregnancy can also be a grueling time for women. Your body changes in ways you might not understand, your hormones start to mess with you and a lot of other dramatic phenomena. This is all part of the path to motherhood, practicing healthy habits when pregnant can be challenging.  

Everyone knows that once you are pregnant, the health of your baby becomes entirely up to you, your baby practically eats what you eat, and drinks what you drink but it goes beyond the day you find out you’ve got a bun in the oven. It is super helpful to begin your healthy choices before you get pregnant because your baby doesn’t start developing upon fertilization, your baby actually starts to develop as an egg upon ovulation, and a sperm, so, your choices are just as important before pregnancy as during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is common knowledge to quit smoking, drinking and drug use. Most people know the importance of exercise for mothers to be, while these are all crucial, it doesn’t stop there. Here are some habits to include that will keep both you and your baby healthy until you can actually hold him or her in your arms.

healthy habits when pregnant
Healthy Habits When pregnant 
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Adequate rest.

Growing another human inside you isn’t an easy task, it puts a lot of strain on your body, so it is important to get enough rest. Rest helps your body to recover and actually reduces some early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, back pain, headaches, etc. it is important that you listen to your body and ensure that you do not add external stress to the hard work already going on within your body.

Healthy Snacking.

We all know how important healthy eating is, but snacking is also very important especially when those cravings and sudden hunger pangs kick in. you can make a habit of keeping healthy snacks within your reach at all times, in the car, fridge, pantry, even your bedside drawers. This will curb the temptation of grabbing less healthy choices.

healthy habits when pregnant
Practicing Healthy Habits When Pregnant
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Healthy Habits When Pregnant

Make water your refuge.

Coffee, soda, and other beverages are usually loaded with sugar, which can act as a diuretic (they wash out important nutrients from your body before your body can absorb them). The safest drink of all is plain old water, you can spice it up with a slice of orange or lemon or a dash of pure natural fruit juice. Water has so many advantages even for people that aren’t pregnant.

Swimming is also great exercise, you can do some water aerobics or just some laps around the pool. An added incentive is that swimming reduces aches and pains, improves circulation and can also boost your mood. When you have gotten really big, getting in the water will make you feel weightless.

Oral Hygiene.

It may sound absurd, but oral hygiene is very important to your health and our baby’s wellbeing, and here’s why: when you are pregnant, your gums usually become more sensitive to plaque and can easily swell and bleed. A good oral hygiene routine will help prevent inflammation of the gums and periodontitis which can increase your risk of preterm labor.

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