The Ultimate Vegan Dinner, From Starters To Desserts

by | January 18, 2018

Dinner parties can be a nightmare, especially when it’s a vegan dinner party.

First, you invite a few friends over for dinner in a week or two and think it’s going to be great. Not really realizing that the day will come up sooner than you thought. Then it’s the day before you have guests coming over and you realize you have nothing in the pantry except a tin of beans and some lentils. So what do you do? Keep calm! We have you covered with the perfect vegan dinner, with everything from starters to desserts.



Orange And Beetroot Salad

This little orange and beetroot salad is both zesty and earthy. If you want to bulk it up a little, add some chickpeas sautéd with turmeric, cumin, paprika and a pinch of salt. Delicious and hearty. Even the kids will enjoy this colorful salad with the fun beetroot strings and bright colors. This is a perfect starter!

Delicious Crunchy Vegan Spring Rolls

These vegan spring rolls are another perfect way to kick off your vegan dinner party with a bang. They are packed full of veggies and with some dips like sweet and sour sauce, or homemade sweet chili they are sure to be a hit.



Chickpea Curry

This dish can be made as hot or as mild as you like, with just the addition of some spices like chili or cayenne pepper. Serve this with rice and naan bread and you’ll blow them all away.

Pad Thai

How does a super simple, healthy version of a favorite take away dish sound? This meal is wholesome, delicious and so easy you’ll not even realize you just made it yourself once you sit down to eat it. *This dish does contain nuts so if you have an allergy, sub the peanuts for tahini or sunflower seed butter.



Red Velvet Truffles

These little decadent red velvet truffles take only minutes to make and are packed full of goodness. They go down an absolute treat at parties and are super simple to make, but they look and taste so delicious. Your guests will be blown away by just how great they taste.

Baked Vegan Donuts

These whole grain donuts are baked, not fried, which makes them an almost healthy, but still delicious dessert. They are quick and simple to make, and your guests will never guess they’re vegan.


And there you have it! The perfect vegan dinner, from starters to desserts. Who knew dinner parties could be so simple?


Alex Jones

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