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Weird Pregnancy Dreams, and Why They Happen

by | December 18, 2018

Have you been having some wild and weird pregnancy dreams lately? Do you wake up in the middle of the night in floods of tears after a dream that was so vivid and realistic? Pregnancy dreams can seem so real that sometimes you don’t know if its a dream or actual life.

weird pregnancy dreams
Weird Pregnancy Dreams & Why They Happen
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What Causes Weird Pregnancy Dreams?

There are several factors that can cause wild pregnancy dreams.


Your body produces more progesterone and estrogen when you’re pregnant. This can affect how your brain deals with information and emotions, disrupting your sleep.


The fact that you’ve got a million things on your mind right now can cause interrupted sleep patterns and insomnia. Studies have shown that people who are experiencing stress have reported having more frequent dreams.

Disrupted R.E.M. Cycle

Whether it’s to go to the bathroom, or you can’t get comfortable, or the baby walloped your organs with a knee and woke you up means that you are spending more time in the R.E.M. (rapid eye movement) zone where you’re brain is more active. You’re having more dreams and can remember them so vividly.


weird pregnancy dreams
Weird Pregnancy Dreams & Why They Happen
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What could those crazy dreams possibly mean?

Dreams about being in labor.
Dreams about labor could possibly mean that you have some anxiety about giving birth. It also may mean that you’re ready for life changes.

Sex dreams about an ex or another partner.

These dreams don’t mean that you want to be unfaithful, they’re more likely caused by a fear of how having a baby will change your relationship with your partner. They could also be caused by feelings of unattractiveness because of your changing body.

Falling or Getting Hurt Dreams.

A sense of vulnerability may cause you to have dreams about being attacked or the feeling of falling.

Dreaming of Being Trapped or Confined in a Small Space.

Dreaming about being trapped in a small space may be indicative of the fear of losing your freedom when you become a parent.

Forgetting the Baby

Anxiety about the increased responsibility of becoming a parent may cause you to have dreams about accidentally leaving your baby behind somewhere.

X-Rated Sex Dreams

Pregnancy hormones can trigger arousal and thoughts about sex while you’re sleeping, causing sex dreams that can range from plain old vanilla sex to the craziest S&M scenarios.

Having strange dreams during your pregnancy is completely normal and shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

Have you had any strange dreams while you were pregnant? Please tell us about your crazy pregnancy dreams in the comments below.

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