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1 in 3 British Working Parents Miss Their Kid’s Bedtime

by | June 3, 2019

Getting that perfect work-life balance is a seemingly never-ending challenge for parents around the globe. One of the times that busy families look forward to daily is sharing dinner and the day’s events, however, the reality is that some might not be home from work in time for dinner, or even for bedtime. According to a recent survey with 1,000 participants, nearly 1 in 3 working parents don’t make it home in time for bedtime. Shocking, right? Continue below to learn more about the findings of this survey.

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1 in 3 British Working Parents Miss Their Kid’s Bedtime

According to a research survey that was lead by Indeed, a popular job-searching website, almost 1 out of 3 British parents are unable to make it home in time to tuck their children into bed or say goodnight, due to work obligations. The survey looked at responses from 1,000 parents (who are working) in the U.K. and the results are surprising.

Out of the surveyed participants, the results were overwhelmingly pointing to the conclusion that many parents can’t make it home in time to put their kids to bed, due to their job. Some of the findings are as follows:

  • 57% of the parents surveyed said they often stayed past their contracted hours at work
  • Over 70% of parents who are working relied on either their partners or their parents to conduct bedtime
  • 1 in 5 working parents have had to tell their children goodnight through a video call since they couldn’t make it home in time
  • 34% of these parents felt guilt for not being able to be there and partake in bedtime
  • 3 in 10 of the surveyed parents claimed that they had a difficult time trying to explain to their kids why they had to stay at work so late
  • 18% of parents on running late would gift their kids with sweets to apologize for them being at work far too long
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Indeed partnered with the children’s author, Giles Paley-Phillips, in order to create a bedtime book that helps explain to children about the struggles that their parent(s) face due to their career. The book, which is titled Tick-Tock Till Bedtime, is a simplified and kid-friendly approach to starting this conversation at a young age about this difficult topic. About the book, author Paley-Phillips says, “We wanted to create an engaging bedtime tale which would help children understand the pressures their parents face, and encourage open dialogue at home… I hope the characters can become great examples for young families.”

You can visit Tick Tock Till Bedtime’s website to learn more on this initiative to bring more awareness to the struggles of working parents. You can also download the digital or audiobook for free to help you and your kids with this all-too-common struggle.

Do you or your partner regularly miss your child’s bedtime due to work obligations? How has your family coped? Let me know in the comments below.

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