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10 Summer-Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

by | May 20, 2019

Summer is almost here and if your baby is on the way to arrive within the next few months, why not celebrate the season they are born in with Summer-inspired baby names? Whether your future child is a Gemini, Cancer, or a Leo, there’s no doubt that one of these names will suit them perfectly. Here are 10 cute Summer-inspired baby names that you’ll fall in love with.

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Summer-Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

For Baby Boys


Originating from Turkish and meaning “lion”, this baby name is perfect for either your future Leo baby or your baby who you just know will have a fiery personality.


With ties to English, German, Danish, and Swedish, Birch is a unique name for a baby boy that you know will love nature.


Deriving from the Welsh language and meaning “son of the wave” or “born from the ocean”, Dylan is a common baby name with a cool hidden meaning for parents wanting something more “classic” when it comes to choosing a baby boy name. The name is great if you want a Summer-beachy vibe for your baby or if you want to pay homage to the water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio).


Coming from Spanish and Italian, Elio means “sun” which is also very similar to its Latin derivation of Helios- the Greek sun god.


Want to use a Greek name to honor your baby? Theros is simple it means Summer!

Summer-Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

For Baby Girls


Translating to “youthful like a flower” from Greek, Ebe is a cute Summer name for baby girls that will light up your life.

Leya (Also seen as Leia)

Want a name that combines both your love of Summer and your love of Star Wars? Leya, or Leia in Star Wars, is another name that’s perfect for a Leo as it means Lion.


Marigolds are beautiful yellow, orange, and red flowers that thrive in the Summer after being planted in Spring. Honor your Summer baby with a name after this gorgeous Summer flower.


Meaning “little wave” in Latin, Ondine is a precious ocean-inspired name for your precious bundle of joy!


As the beautiful red birthstone for babies born in July, Ruby is a wonderful choice for your baby born during that month. Ruby also makes for a beautiful middle-name for your baby girl.

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Which of these Summer-inspired baby names from our list is your favorite? Will you be choosing one of these names for your Summer baby? Let me know in the comments below.

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