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Star Wars Memes That Will Make Parents LOL This May the 4th

by | April 26, 2019

Memes are just one of those super satisfyingly hilarious things on the internet that keep me sane while scrolling through Instagram. Meme culture includes everything from historical jokes to dark humor that’s borderline crude. My favorite type of memes? Pop culture memes about my favorite movies and series.

In honor of this year’s upcoming May the 4th (Star Wars day, for those who did not already know), I took to Instagram to find some of the most hilarious Star Wars memes. Among those memes, I found a few that all parents can relate to. May the fourth be with you! (And your family.) Here they are- the memes that will make parents LOL on May the 4th.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

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Star Wars Memes That Will Make Parents LOL This May the 4th

OMG, I literally just saw you shove all of your Easter candy in you mouth. Can we please just give it a rest? Oh yeah, and I sneak candy from your basket when you’re asleep.

star wars memes

I’ll let you take the credit for this one when grandma comes over, but just know that WE both know who the real architect in the family is. ME.

Yeaaahhhhhhh, relatable.

Star wars memes

Child, why are you always making the most terrifying sounds outside my door? I promise you that I will always know when you’re faking sick so you can stop your Game of Thrones audition now.

I’ve literally told you twelve times that the goggles you’re looking for are right there. If you ask me where they are one more time, I’m literally gonna lose my sh*t.

I’m begging you, please let me finish my movies and eat from my secret sweet stash in peace. I will literally make pancakes tomorrow if you go back to bed now. Ok, seriously, you’re dreaming.

I can guarantee you that Paw Patrol will still be there tomorrow, please stop throwing a fit.

Star war memes

I’m honestly still baffled that my work computer still doesn’t remember my e-mail half of the time.

At this point, I’m not asking you, and I’m not even telling you- I’m begging you to give yourself a good lather.

Which of these Star Wars memes was your favorite? How will your family be celebrating Star Wars day this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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