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Catch-Up Here! This Week’s Vegan News Roundup

by | June 2, 2019

This week in vegan news, we are reporting in on a range of stories- from cruelty-free and plant-based brands that our team has tried- to the upcoming products that you may soon see in stores near you! Never allow yourself to miss out on news again– here is this week’s news roundup to help you get all caught up.

Exurbe Cosmetics- Fun, Cruelty-Free Make-up!

Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

Are you looking for fun, cruelty-free make-up to help you brighten up your day? Exurbe cosmetics has a colorful range of cruelty-free products to help you embrace some fun colors!

Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Brand Selenacup: Exclusive Interview and Review

Credit: Annika Lundkvist/ Raise Vegan

The Austrain menstrual cup brand, Selenacup, is on the forefront of the eco-friendly feminine care community. Read here to see our exclusive inerview with Masja of Selenacup as well as a review on this life-changing period product.

Latest Openings: Fully Vegan Store In New York Featuring Shoes and Clothing

Credit: The Vegan Outfitter/ Facebook

In the mood to shop in New York? Learn more about this revolutionary retail outlet specializing in everything vegan- from bags to shoes!

In Conversation With Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Brand ‘Disguise Cosmetics’

Credits: Mayuri/ Raise Vegan

Disguise Cosmetics, India’s very first 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, is sure to be a new favorite of yours. Our Raise Vegan team got the opportunity to chat with Disguise Cosmetics about their brand and the world of beauty without cruelty.

Vegan News to Wake You Up: Grab Latest Starbucks’ Vegan Coffee At US Grocery Stores

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Credits: starbucks,com

The S’mores frappucino from Starbucks is one of their most iconic Summer drinks. Although it isn’t completely plant-based and dairy free, you can get the next best thing- a bag of golden s’mores coffee for you to brew and indulge in at home.

50% Off Meatless Mondays Promo Thanks to ‘Love Serve Remember’ Restaurants

Credit: The Confluence Group Press Release

Although every Monday is Meatless Monday for vegans, reward yourself with 50% off menu items at select So-Cal restaurants in the ‘Love Serve Remember’ group. You will not only indulge in delicious, plant-powered food, but you’ll be supporting the MM movement! Vegan news you’ll definitely love!

Get Ready to Meet the Who’s Who of Veganism at Vegan India Conference

Credit: Debayan/ Raise Vegan

Scheduled for the first week of July, you can brush-up here on what to expect at the highly anticipated conference on veganism this year!

Kuntal Joisher- First Vegan to Summit Mt Everest on North and South Sides

Credit: Kuntal Joisher/ Instagram

Another vegan has just made history- Kuntal Joisher, an experienced mountaineer is the first plant-powered person to have successfully summited both of the main routes to Mount Everest. Congratulations!

From Food to Furniture: Everything-Vegan Hotel to Open in Scotland

Credit: By grafxart/ Shutterstock

Saorsa 1875 will soon be opening its doors as Scotland’s first hotel where everything from furniture to food will be exclusively cruelty-free and plant-powered.

Beyond Meat Scales up; Plans to Open First Factory in Europe

By Keith Homan/ Shutterstock

Beyond Meat’s success will have the company, currently based in California, expand over the pond, in Europe! Who here is excited?

Meat Lover UK MP- Boris Johnson Tries Plant-Based Diet; Even Sheds Pounds

Credit: @BorisJohnson/ Twitter

Britain’s Minister of Parliament, Boris Johnson, has revealed that he has been trying out a plant-based diet. Better yet, he attributes it to some healthy weight-loss.

Portuguese Airline’s CEO Calls for the End of Single Use Plastic in the Air

Credit: Hi Fly Website Sustainability

The CEO of Hi-Fly has made a call to action for other fellow airlines to end using single-use plastic on their flights. This comes from his airline’s promise to have plastic completely eliminated from all Hi Fly flights.

President’s Choice Debuts Delectable Line-up of Plant-Based Foods Across Canada

Credit: President’s Choice

The Canadian brand, President’s Choice, has expanded its line of frozen food to include a range of plant-powered options.

‘Call It Spring’ Turns Into 100% Cruelty-Free Footwear Brand


Call It Spring, a fashion-forward shoe company, recently announced that their company which was previously 90% vegan has, at last, turned over a new leaf to commit to being a full cruelty-free company.

Which one of this week’s vegan news stories was your favorite? Were there any that we missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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