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Portuguese Airline’s CEO Calls for the End of Single Use Plastic in the Air

by | May 30, 2019

Whether we like to admit it or not, airline travel is a huge producer of plastic waste. As an avid traveler myself and a self-proclaimed environmentalist, I do have to step back and realize all of the plastic waste that I produce on an individual scale while traveling, as well as the plastic waste produced by passengers that may be as environmentally-aware as myself.

Times are changing and slowly, big-name companies have been doing their part in eliminating single use plastic. From Tesco doing their part to eliminate single-use plastic one step at a time to Starbucks phasing out their iconic green straws for sippable lids, the movement to help save Mother Earth has been catching on. Who is working on combatting the absurd amount of single-use plastic thrown to waste next? The Portuguese airline, Hi-Fly.

Portuguese Airline’s CEO Calls for the End of Single Use Plastic in the Air
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Portuguese Airline’s CEO Calls for the End of Single Use Plastic in the Air

“Airlines should eliminate single-use plastics in five years”, says Paulo Mipuri, the CEO of the Portuguese airline Hi-Fly. With a promise for Hi-Fly to eliminate their own use of single-use plastics before the end of this year, Mipuri urged fellow airlines at a private-sector meeting earlier this month in Portugal where there were company representatives for other big-name companies including Delta Airlines, Air Canada, and Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Mipuri has launched a 3-step plan in order to aid airlines wanting (and needing) to eliminate or at least, heavily reduce, single-use plastic on their flights which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Our target is to come up with a solution for airlines- or at least most airlines- to remove single use plastic in the next few years.

Paulo Mipuri/ Interview with Reuters
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Although, there is not yet any word on other companies that have also announced a vow to eliminate single-use plastic from their airline in response to Mipuri’s promise with Hi-Fly, there are other eco-friendly solutions to airline waste and pollution that are in the works. Currently, there is word that there is a large majority of big-name airlines that are taking part in the CORSIA initiative (Carbon Offset and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) which starting in 2021, will have the participating companies oblige in either limiting their emissions or by having them by carbon credits uniquely from designated environmental projects worldwide in order to counteract their excess carbon emissions.

What do you think of the goals of Paulo Mipuri’s work with Hi-Fly to eliminate plastic? Do you think that eliminating airline single use plastic could ever be fully realized on a global scale? Let me know in the comments below.

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